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because you are such a hard worker?
There once was a fatty named Gomey, He looked like a tube of baloney, When his weight in his Aeron proved too much to bear on It gave out as if to say "blow me."
if only you had thin privilege.
Bankers only smelling pot on fingers, and not on breath or clothes?
I don't think I ever really thought about the name. I happened across it on satellite radio yesterday and looked down at the title at about the same time as the chorus and suddenly it clicked.
Without further ado: I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun You got your hair combed back and your sunglasses on, baby I can tell you, my love for you will still be strong Every day like poison, summer has gone.
you are wrong, as usual.
I am kidding, I don't even have half of that. We do have 3,300 sq. feet approximately. A large part of it is entertaining space, and we entertain a lot, so we do get a lot out of it. It is certainly true that we could more than get by with a lot less.
I just realized I have been singing along to a totally classic song wrong my entire life without once stopping to question it. The lyric I have been singing wrong is THE TITLE OF THE FUCKING SONG. I feel like such a dumb piece of shit right now, it's amazing how embarrassed and humbled I am.
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