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Even in the 70s, a room like that is going to heat up like a greenhouse. I see that you can open the doors but that's only going to help so much in a room like that. Even with a mild temp, however, all that direct sunlight is going to wear on you after a bit. I was dining outside in mid-70s weather just two nights ago, in Baltimore, in the 6:00pm early summer sun, and without an umbrella it got pretty brutal, not to mention that in a reading room, you'd have to wear...
what is this, the hotbox room?seriously, a lot of these houses are nice and all, but practically speaking, i'd think this room would be unuseable during most of the day. Natural light is fantastic, but no overhangs and all glass just makes for torture. If you really used those bookshelves for books, they'd be trashed within months.
new game: every time someone says "language," we drink.
I am going to my college reunion for the weekend, an event for which I am mighty excited. But I haz the sick.
It's not the infinity part that bothers me, it's that it's a pool chopped in half by the walkway, making for a silly section in the middle of the house that nobody will ever use, and doesn't seem like it would be enjoyable to use.
I paid a parking meter today, one of those ones where you put your CC in and specify how long you are going to stay, and then it prints out a ticket to put on your dash... It was 7:58am; I bought two hours, out prints a ticket good til 9:58am. As I started to step away with my ticket, I glanced at the active hours of the meter. 10am-8pm.
Great site. The pool is pretentious and annoying.
ftfy, Frankenfoodie
+1, fuck you suited. what's wrong with having a happy Memorial Day?I had an awesome day. The weather was great, we headed to the pool and had a great BBQ. I knocked back a few beers and we had a blast. It's the official start of summer, what's not to love? And I also thanked my brother-in-law on FB for his service; he was a mechanic in the Marines. He "liked" my status, so what's the problem?
New Posts  All Forums: