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jeez why, you're such a growler.
the five-page discussion of how i met your mother in the happy thread. what's up with that, you douchebags?
One more homeless person to exploit come election time!
Sure, let's have the government grab a quarter-acre of land around every four-way stop in the country, do a nice 10-year environmental study on it, and then rebuild the intersection at great expense. What a stimulating exercise.
in that it's been photoshopped?
You may need to educate me here. Yield, in every instance I've ever seen it, has to do with a binary situation, and one roadway always yields to the other.Example: Two lanes merge into one, as in a divided highway onramp, and the right-turning lane always yields to the left-turning one, such that left-turning traffic is never stranded in the middle of the originating roadway.If there are yield-right-of-way rules at a four-way intersection, I do not know them, nor do I...
I watch them go through red lights and stop signs all the time. It used to piss me off royally but then someone on here once even had a name for it, like a "Houston Roll" or something; I inferred from that that it was somehow legal, but I haven't cared enough to research it. I guess there is a mild rationale for it in that at a long red light with traffic stacking up, when the light eventually turns green and the cars slowly start to roll, a biker is sort of another...
This shit pisses me off. For every "Share the road with bicyclists" bumper sticker I see (and every SF rant about it) I see two bicyclists acting like morons on the road. I'm very sensitive to the plight of cyclists on the road; my Dad is an avid cyclist and I hear his crazy stories, too. I yield a ton of room, I'm likely to wave them through tough intersections even when it's my turn to go, but it often seems to me like more PR needs to be directed at the bad cyclists;...
Nature Valley Granola Bars. WTF is this 5 in a box shit? EDIT: Ugh, just as well, this tastes like cardboard.
congratulations, PSG, may you have many days and nights of joy in your future. That looks like a C-section baby, amirite?
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