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Why does the radio edit of "Mr. Vain" never include the rapping part? It's 2014, rap is mainstream, people. Surely if you can play Rihanna and Eminem singing about beating each other up, then you can play the sweet rhymes of Culture Beat. It's always so sad too because I get all excited when inevitably I catch the song at the chorus and wait with great anticipation just to be disappointed when the supposed-to-be-rap part is reduced to a mere extended instrumental bridge.
that's omar
Settings > Account Settings > Delete Account
except for the part about being part korean
This seems like a terrible idea. I would see the time and do what I could to beat it, comprehension be damned.You may infer whatever you might like about what sort of behavior a similar feature might exacerbate on StyleForum.
when she is pregnant i can see the family resemblance.
shit. does this mean more of you around the style forum?
I've long since found myself, but I send out a daily search party, just in case.
i went to an all-boys school
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