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I think it's a great cover. Nothing is the original, which is epic, but I really enjoy the Civil Wars' various covers, that one included.
I'm enjoying it. The best parties have pinatas.
OMG, I am not sure that Comcast could have intentionally designed a worse customer service experience.
The French word for Dutch is douche.
you pooped in the trash?
Hypothetical scenario: You've decided to have a family, and need a large vehicle to accommodate children, and their attendant car safety seats, and the things you will often have to haul along with them, such as strollers, extra bags. Or you simply have to haul a lot of crap frequently, like lots of groceries, or homebuilding supplies, or band equipment, or extra adult passengers. Should you purchase: - the one with a lower floor making it easier for your children to...
I've had this discussion on here before, but minivans are awesome. It boggles my mind that people continue to defy all logic and select big SUVs over minivans over a culturally manufactured stigma that has no basis in reason.
you should prob spoiler alert that, pete
Yeah, this is what's so sad and cynical about the pop culture world. Girl tries to make it as a Christian artist, fails, decides lesbian sex sells better, hunch is confirmed. Profit.
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