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I'd say the biggest take-away for me wasn't actually listed, which was, don't discuss racism with the authors.
jesus, that is dumbfounding. I've never heard of anything like that. I mean, I guess I've heard of parents who dumbly leave their kids or pets in the car when they go into the grocery store, on purpose, which is colossally poor judgment. But forgot to take your kid to day care, and further not notice at any point during the drive that your nearly-2-year-old is in the back seat? And then never click on to that at any point during the day? When I ask myself "could that...
Does the UNCF have a protected trademark?
Saying this may make me something of a MRA, but I don't understand why, in a world in which women are expected to be considered full equals, that hitting one is also viewed as particularly heinous. It should be no more heinous than hitting anyone else.
I have no problem with vertical video. It makes more sense in most one-on-one interpersonal contexts, and now that viewing these videos more often than not occurs on a device capable of showing things in either format, it makes no difference at all.Besides, the horizontalist hegemon represents TV privilege. It is insensitive to the economically underprivileged, in a conscious attempt to exclude those who can only afford to view video on smaller, subsidized devices rather...
swear to god that thin privilege site is AWESOME
crickets on the client front i see
Sound decision-making like this is how you may eventually get the name of my barber.
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