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Guys, it's been fun.
Why is gender a mutable social construct, but race is not? I suppose I'm trying to point out an inconsistency in the application and interpretation of gender traits vs. racial ones within the ivory tower. If I am a man who chooses to dress like a woman, then it is my right to "identify" as whatever I want, and that may include being "switchy" and choosing however I want to choose, and the gender-studies types will virulently attack "intolerance" of my choices. Yet if...
Who was that guy pitching for the Yankees last night? He didn't look like anything special. Just another pitcher.
Comcast. Holy, fucking, god. Comcast.
I don't go to shows so I wouldn't know. But anyone doing that is truly, truly vile and deserves to be raped themselves IMO.
Iggy Azalea wants to trend faster on Facebook and Twitter.
Well, when edinafails are punished, the benefit is our general amusement.
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