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More sous vide questions. I'm going to sous vide a whole NY Strip roast. I planned to salt well in advance, as I always do, but some sources on the net are insisting this is a bad idea with sous vide, and that it will give the meat a "cured" texture. I have salted in advance before, and I don't feel that there's been a problem, and I think that this sounds like a bit of interwebs BS, but I thought it was worth asking here. Also, any advice on time for a NY Strip roast?...
Edina's mom apparently has a huge pot.
don't mistype that as taginas.com i don't know what will pop up but it can't be good.
Thanks, appreciate the insight. I will try it someday Though I wonder if my foodsaver can vacuum seal them well enough for that extended a cook. I don't have a chamber vac.
Yeah, the exact times and temps were worrying to me. I'm not a meat expert, and I know some cuts take better to sous vide than others, and can have more or less sensitivity to time, and that the times and temps are subject to things about the meats that I may not appreciate. Example: I think sous-videing brisket or short ribs at 140 is never going to get you anywhere, because the connective tissue in those cuts doesn't break down at those temps, and you just end up with...
Thanks for weighing in, FG. I see where you're coming from, and I do know that's how to cook flank, but with ~40 ppl I'm only going to have so much grill space, probably have to do 4 of these guys, and was hoping this would be a good way to tear through them in minutes as opposed to 20 minutes (2 flanks at a rip, 10 minutes each), and also have no risk of overcooking, or deal with the long rest, or dealing with the inherent issues with flank's varying thickness. Still, I...
Good to see you too, P. I've been lurking a little more of late.
I'm cooking for a crowd for an outdoorsy thing and had considered grilling flank steak. I wondered if sous-vide cooking prior to finishing on the grill just to brown and get some charcoal flavor would provide benefits. I was thinking that the long sous-vide cook would allow a marinade flavor to really soak in, and also allow the flank to tenderize, but that relies on the temp being high enough to tenderize the connective fibers in flank.... Was also thinking I'd go a...
I love this tie. Is it cotton?How do you guys get the knots to stick out like that? I can never achieve it, try as I might.
actually, i think you can cross it off
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