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I just took an Uber; the car that picked me up was a Prius. Is there something about the regenerative braking that incentivizes stomping on the fucking brakes? I'm sure there is not in reality, though perhaps there is some perceived advantage when you see the charging graphics spike? Fuck, this guy was swerving, stomping the gas, stomping the brake, jesus. On top of that the car was loaded with "air fresheners" so that I now smell like a fucking urinal cake. Needless...
is that why you call it a cock pit?
yeah i would smite her big time
Oh. But I don't know what I did wrong?
I think it's a great cover. Nothing is the original, which is epic, but I really enjoy the Civil Wars' various covers, that one included.
I'm enjoying it. The best parties have pinatas.
OMG, I am not sure that Comcast could have intentionally designed a worse customer service experience.
The French word for Dutch is douche.
you pooped in the trash?
New Posts  All Forums: