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first, no. that the CE is gone, kaput, nobody posts there anymore is not disputable. That participation in GC and other of the non-core subfora is down is also not disputable. a great many worthwhile posters are gone. you are simply wrong on this point. it is why it's not just me that feels this way; it is because it is fact.as for your second paragraph, no offense, but fuck off.i'm one of the last ones sticking around. i'm also a mod, for christ's sakes. i've taken...
wait, myspace is all strippers now?i have to go back.
which ones?even the cool design objects thread is fading away.CE, long bemoaned, is completely and utterly dead. if Piob and HB stopped posting there it would be like MySpace.the pissing you off/making you happy threads, which could always be counted on, are also just about burned down to the nubs.nope, i'm pretty much calling this thing over.the war was fought, and in stitches won. the most active thread on this site is the NMWA thread, where stitch promises to buy...
you can just call them waterfalls, you pretentious dickwads.
Hey guys, remember when there was a community on here? When people would post in threads and stuff? Interesting stuff? When you could step away from your computer for an hour and come back to a bunch of interesting debate, topics, and conversations? Yeah, that was cool. I actually looked over at RamboForvm for a few minutes today. Still more tumbleweeds there than here, but only by a little bit.
I hope they are putting the results in spoilers.If anyone has any specific posts that they deem questionable they can PM me and I will delete them.
I would try it, but doing so would mean travelling to St. Louis, and that I am less willing to try.
you guys don't see the ad taking over the entire front page of the site?
I don't know about the rest of you guys but I am really excited about the Allen Edmonds Anniversary Sale.
Would it kill Adam Jones to take a pitch? Or go with one to the opposite field? His ABs last night were embarrassing.
New Posts  All Forums: