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Does the $128mil not include TV contract revenue? I mean, you can dick around with the numbers somewhat, but we're talking about valuing a company here, if the $500mil number is anything near correct, at 4x sales!not that I disagree that the bubble is probably not going to burst too soon, but sheesh, this is heady territory.
I met an executioner once. I was in a service organization in high school that also brought in interesting speakers to come talk to us. The facilitator later was accused of being a pedophile, which was pretty much commonly known by all the guys that were members (it was an all-boys "club") but he was also a local judge. I am as close as I could possibly be to 100% certain he never touched anybody, but it was not uncommon for him to invite people to play tennis at his...
Not that I have many facts, but I'm not so sure I believe this (the bolded).It's obvious that many of them have been incredible investments in terms of their value appreciation. But a lot of things point to them not throwing off cash, at least not in a lot of markets/circumstances. In the normal private equity world, a company might be worth, what, 4-5x, maybe on the high end for a growing tech company with a public exit strategy (and these aren't so), 8x or even 10x...
I'm not so sure I buy that the team would sell at a discount. Insofar as the "forced" timing might be artificially creating supply, ultimately the fact is that the number of franchises is limited and I don't see how it's really any different than if it were coming available for any other reason. Besides, if there are two bidders, all bets are off. The only potentially truly damaging info is the knock the brand has taken as a result of the comments, but even that could...
uh oh, maybe i am wrong. :/
what kind of bag of dicks marries someone named "lady bird?"
Does this mean you can see all the racist and bigoted comments stitch has supposedly made and then edited? Please to post here; I have been skeptical this was true. I did catch him once being kind of a twat to l'inc about whether he was gay but it wasn't truly offensive, more just kind of, you know, orthodox.
In short, no.You may know I'm on record on this forum as fairly conservative. My initial reactions to this story were much the same as yours. However, as we got deeper into this, this is not a government action against this guy. It's a private action being taken by a private organization and using mutually-agreed private contract terms to leverage the outcome (learning the nature of these covenants is what decisively turned my opinion). As an NBA franchisee, you can't...
Also, no offense, but I'd also have a problem with the chick I'm putting my dick into fucking around with Magic Johnson, too.
Interesting link, but I think this is the more important part of the article:If this is all true, he will sell. His choices are:A. Take a $100mil discount and still make out like a bandit and go fuck V. Stiviano silly for the rest of your lifeorB. Risk losing the entire investment.Whether it's $100mil, $150mil, $75mil, whatever - there's a price that's worth not taking the risk, and I'm guessing there will be plenty of offers above that number.
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