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Fallon is the same as Degeneres. Inoffensive, self-effacing, you'd let your kid watch the show, not too controversial for the older audience, broad appeal makes for mainstream marketability. It's no surprise SF wouldn't like him; SF doesn't like anything.
Well, I disagree with MrG a bit. I don't think Ellen is getting "affirmative action" from her audience - err, at least her straight audience. I don't think her gay-ness has anything to do with why your average straight, cis-normative middle class American likes her. I think they like her because they find her funny and likeable. (Obviously your tastes run differently, but most of them would probably also find it strange that you make sausage and play the bagpipes and...
Fair enough.
I find her consistently amusing, though admittedly what I typically see of her is something someone posted on FB or something so it is filtered by default. I watched not a second of the Oscars last night but I did laugh out loud when I read her joke presenting Anne Hathaway. But if you were watching last night, it's not surprising that she wouldn't have been funny; hosting the Oscars is a miserable task and basically everyone who attempts it fails. Edit to respond to...
Meh. Ellen is funny and open and goofy and likeable in a way that translates very well into a talk show format. I like her. Not sure why it has to be about fat housewives; you guys really seem like you're projecting.
Price should not scale linearly with radius; I would expect it to scale with radius^2.
Related - this was posted todayby someone in her mid-30s. Theater major, bounced around from non-profit to non-profit making less than peanuts, mostly working at Starbucks, then thought it would be a good idea to double down on this with a Masters in Arts Management. After that, more of the same, then finally got a job as a property manager at an apartment building. Hates her job, and I would too, but that's what happens when you spend your 20s refusing to get into...
People's obsession with the Oscars.
and don't leave it in Afghanistan.
Sounds to me like you need a final solution for this CEO.
New Posts  All Forums: