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Obviously photos on the internet are hard to judge anything by, but remember that cherry darkens over time. Here's another internet image illustrating how extreme that change can be: It does still look to me like there was a stain on those stairs and that the refinished floor was left pretty natural, but it's not hard to understand the difficulty in obtaining a "match" when some of the floor is new and some of it is older. A match on day 1 is not going to be a match...
How does he eat? F that, how does he *drink*?
"This Wrangler fails as a car."-CR
Oh, come on. CR isn't just reviewing Porsches. More often than not, they're explicitly not rating those uber performance cars; to wit, they don't even review the 911.
Meh.I sympathize a bit with that statement; I know a Wrangler is unique and so it is inherently a culture clash having CR review it. I also get that not everyone needs or wants a perfect ride and that offroading necessitates certain things be a certain way, but here's the latest report:(my bolds) At a certain point the "standard" does have to include a few basic functionalities we all come to expect from, you know, a car. Like, to choose one, braking.
I always laugh; the Jeep Wrangler is consistently rated as the absolute worst car by Consumer Reports.
I'm halfway kidding. I think I could understand the appeal. The problem is that it has developed a real following amongst a pretty douchey group of people. Almost anyone here driving one of those is a high school or college-aged l lacrosse player with the Baltimore private school mullet and some slacker ballcap on having bought it with his parents' money. In that way, it's much like this forum. Not an inherently terrible thing to like clothes; it's the people that are...
I'm sorry brah, but I have never gotten this.Every time I see someone driving one of these like this all I can think of is "what a douche."I am aware however that it is an integral part of your culture so I will try not to microaggress.
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