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Seriously. Actually, the one in our house doesn't make enough. Occasionally it also jams and it is a major bummer when I have no ice. It's probably a great size for a family but when the family has a dinner party the family must buy ice.
Reading 3 and then 4 confuses me.
Even nature knows that pinks are bottoms.
It's Piob, you microaggressive racist. Check your privilege.
haquea3000 has outpaced stitches for the day. his posts are more interesting, however. regrettably, i lack superpower mod authority and cannot spaminate, as he lives in health and body. maybe we should leave him up there.
I am the best person; ergo, my practices are the best practices.quod erak destrada
It's amazing, what an opportunity blown by incompetence. It's like Pepsi not being able to capitalize when Coke told everyone to fuck off.
I like the "vote with your lady smarts, not with your lady parts" bit.
very sorry to hear this.
I just got out of an exit meeting with a team of government auditors. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on, seeing, hearing, and watching these guys in action is enough to make any thinking person want to blow their brains out. What absurd waste and inefficiency these people lord over, propagate, and leave in their wake.
New Posts  All Forums: