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In short, no.You may know I'm on record on this forum as fairly conservative. My initial reactions to this story were much the same as yours. However, as we got deeper into this, this is not a government action against this guy. It's a private action being taken by a private organization and using mutually-agreed private contract terms to leverage the outcome (learning the nature of these covenants is what decisively turned my opinion). As an NBA franchisee, you can't...
Also, no offense, but I'd also have a problem with the chick I'm putting my dick into fucking around with Magic Johnson, too.
Interesting link, but I think this is the more important part of the article:If this is all true, he will sell. His choices are:A. Take a $100mil discount and still make out like a bandit and go fuck V. Stiviano silly for the rest of your lifeorB. Risk losing the entire investment.Whether it's $100mil, $150mil, $75mil, whatever - there's a price that's worth not taking the risk, and I'm guessing there will be plenty of offers above that number.
that's, um, awesome. congratulations?
which mod? MrG does not have superpowers in either MC or SWD.
I see so many "critique my fit" pics like this.Who the fuck stands like that? Ever?
Fucking savages.
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