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find out where he comes in and out from. Set traps in those places; several of them in a row, along the wall or baseboard or cabinet where he runs. They run along walls and such. They are smart enough to jump over them, but if startled or in a pinch they will not be as cautious. Lie in wait and then try to startle him. We had a horrific infestation at our old house, which was so old it didn't even really have a crawlspace so much as just a ditch underneath it. Mice...
So, I'm a dumbass, and broke one of my frost-free hose bibs over the winter. I guess you're not supposed to leave the hose hooked up to it. Fortunately, it's broken in a way that only leaks when I open the valve.
Hey, what happened to Fang?
Did you at least tell Piob where to find the shirts?
One of my kitchen faucets has suddenly lost about half its water pressure. My wife noted it to me yesterday. I see no evidence of a leak anywhere, under the counter or in the rafters in the basement ceiling where the feeder lines go in. Aerator issue? It's a pull-out head; I'm not even sure how to get to the aerator.
Thanks, definitely some good suggestions. I like the Dries van Noten looks; they recall kilts but are distinct enough not to be. The utilikilts are a bit overly derivative IMO; I don't like the front button detailing. They look like something weird dudes would wear to the Renaissance festival. I don't love the ones intended to be worn with pants. They seem overly affected to my opinion, but then again I'm talking about wearing skirts so hey, MMV. To me this is a bit...
Thank you for using the member complaint support group. Come again next time!
PMing Claghorn will get you nowhere.
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