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I typically don't recline all the way. It's really not necessary, and while I suppose you have a "right" to do it, I consider it a matter of courtesy not to simply spread myself out and hog all the space I can claim "right" to if it is just as comfortable not to inconvenience others. This exercise of restraint and courtesy goes generally without reward. I have noticed with some satisfaction more airlines putting emphasis on asking people not to recline when a meal is...
No 500-person company is going to have regular problems making payroll on time. By the time you miss a paycheck, you're out of a job anyways. That can happen anywhere, from 500 employees to Fortune 500. You should always do your due diligence with any company to verify that the business is healthy. 500 employees is the Small Business Association's cut-off for defining a small company, and frankly that's fairly generous. 500 employee firms are generally considered...
I'd also never heard of Pinkberry before this. Not sure why I would have.
Interesting; thanks for the explanation. The length of the plane is one of the things I was thinking about; a miniscule variation in the bottom of the plane lifts the blade right off the work surface. Then you'd better be sure to run all the way through the work surface, or you'll get a dip you can't reach.
.0005" or .005"? I know nothing about woodworking, but I do know something about metal and machine tolerances. Five tenths seems like a tiny amount of material to take; holding a half-thou tolerance on something even like aluminum is impossible without specifying a temperature as well; the metal expands and contracts that much. I know we're not talking about holding a tolerance here but...
'Roun here, hon, we call 'em stuffed bares "titty bares" in I gotta fink at's why em people like em bares.
I agree, though it's not much more baffling than the popularity of any top-rated sitcom. Two and a Half Men, etc. What baffles me even more are the smart people I know who watch these shows. My own fucking father, who is as well-read and educated and cultured a man as you'll ever meet (museum board chair, world-class japanese studio porcelain collector, history wizard, business exec, world traveler) owns DVDs of this show.
The Svedka vodka "sexy" robot lady. Huh?
you know, you're right. I forgot you don't pay for property taxes, or maintenance and upkeep, when you're paying rent.
French doors where only one door opens are referred to as Polish doors.
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