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Also, many of the people I work with.
Oh, and Tommy Fucking Hunter.
Facebook. (Piob is laughing now.) Seriously, Facebook is fucking shit. Complete shit. When the world is in a post-apocalyptic shambles and the remaining scraps of humanity are trying to rebuild some sense of a social order, the turning point in our species' demise will have been Facebook. It is a haven for sanctimony, self-congratulation, and self-delusion (and its reinforcement). It is a platform for profoundly thoughtless political statements (and their mindless...
then buy new furniture when you get there.
lol, you're 3 years too late to this debate. The matter is long settled.
I have a recurring dream that I am about to have an AIDS test and I have, um, prepared poorly for it.
turk, for a guy with an automated irrigation system, that's some sad looking grass.
because you are such a hard worker?
There once was a fatty named Gomey, He looked like a tube of baloney, When his weight in his Aeron proved too much to bear on It gave out as if to say "blow me."
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