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then buy new furniture when you get there.
lol, you're 3 years too late to this debate. The matter is long settled.
I have a recurring dream that I am about to have an AIDS test and I have, um, prepared poorly for it.
turk, for a guy with an automated irrigation system, that's some sad looking grass.
because you are such a hard worker?
There once was a fatty named Gomey, He looked like a tube of baloney, When his weight in his Aeron proved too much to bear on It gave out as if to say "blow me."
if only you had thin privilege.
Bankers only smelling pot on fingers, and not on breath or clothes?
I don't think I ever really thought about the name. I happened across it on satellite radio yesterday and looked down at the title at about the same time as the chorus and suddenly it clicked.
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