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Guys, it's been fun.
Who was that guy pitching for the Yankees last night? He didn't look like anything special. Just another pitcher.
Comcast. Holy, fucking, god. Comcast.
crickets on the client front i see
Sound decision-making like this is how you may eventually get the name of my barber.
Your job is relatively secure for now, Booth, but I will be monitoring your internet activity with keen interest.
I had duck confit last night, which I rarely have, and it was really, really delicious, but at the end of the day it tasted pretty much exactly like Royal Farms Fried Chicken and RFC is so cheap I may just have to get some of it next time I have a craving for the duck.
Uber X. I always use the Uber X's, i have always just assumed they were cheaper, and they seem to be more plentiful where I am. Uber X's seem to be Priuses 75% of the time.
New Posts  All Forums: