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I can kind of see how this got out of hand, maybe. Nobody reported it - Lochte just made the story up for his mom, who took it public, which prompted the investigation. They all had a number of chances to stop the train - why they didn't is anyone's guess, but the initial stone that started the avalanche was not set in motion directly by Lochte.
Story is now that Lochte and his buddies broke down a locked gas station bathroom door and were convinced to pay a few bucks to fix it before moving on. They were clearly not robbed, given that they still had wallets and watches and phones etc. upon arriving at the Olympic village. Video apparently shows the incident at the gas station. Morons. And brats, and punks, and jackasses.
Because most people are enjoying wine with a friend.
What's the current verdict on salting eggplant? Everyone and their mother always tells you to salt it to pull out moisture and "draw out the bitterness" but I've not necessarily found eggplant au naturel to taste unpleasant to begin with. The biggest problem I have with eggplant is just how much oil it absorbs. And salting it usually just takes too long, makes it an unappealing brown color as it sits out, and usually just makes it taste too salty anyways. Ottolenghi...
I have these in snuff suede and they are just about my favorite pair of casual shoes. Comfort factor is off the charts. I've been thinking about picking up a pair in dark brown as the ultimate travel shoe. Curious about people's opinions of how far up the formality scale I can push this shoe. I don't need to wear suits or anything; usually trousers and button-up shirt, occasionally with a sportcoat (iGent standard issue navy hopsack 3-patch). I ran across this shoe...
I ended up going back to Peter to have some shirts made. The prices keep going up and the quality does not match. Too bad AC has gone up so much in cost; their shirts have held up very well for me. I guess I'm still a man without a home; need to find something in the middle. No recent Chan reviews? Their prices also seem to have gone way up in recent years...
In HK now; I've been a longtime Lee Baron guy and still love Peter, but looking for a few upgraded shirts. How is WW Chan these days for shirts? I remember they didn't have the softest collars back when, not sure if that's been something they've addressed. I've also bought from Ascot Chang; they're not bad either but wondering what the latest word on the quality/price scale is these days. What are prices like for Chan and Chang? I've never been to Yao... Chan has my...
Good thing I already got into and then failed out of college; both of my ethnicities would have worked against me.
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