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Good thing I already got into and then failed out of college; both of my ethnicities would have worked against me.
Nice to see you, Fuuma. Hope all is well with you.
Anyways, the reason I am pretty reflective on this case is, I think it's possible I could have been Brock Turner. Blasted at a party, hanging out with a girl, she passes out while we're goofing around.... ...there are some mitigating circumstances that make me think this guy was pushing the limits a lot farther than I would have - behind a dumpster? And running when "caught?" But hey, I've done some dumb crap and I could see a version of events where two strangers come...
Wait, he didn't actually insert his penis? I somehow missed that detail. Seems relevant to some extent - I understand that a violation is a violation from the victim's standpoint, but it does seem to mitigate things from the kid's perspective. It's not like he was humping away at a lifeless body for his own sexual pleasure - sure, there is an emotional acceptance high that comes from digital penetration but speaking for myself anyways, it's usually done with the idea of...
I need a few hanging pendant lamps for our office, which has just been fitted with new cubicles with a more modern look. We have a few informal conference areas now with standing-height worksurfaces and stools, and I'd like to make them look a bit more anchored with the use of hanging pendants above them. I also want to be able to put one of those multi-colored LED bulbs in them to be able to have some fun lighting options for various purposes; e.g. we can change the...
grizzly arms would have bigger wrists
I like the desk.
Foo - there are some pretty nice duvet covers on Overstock.com. I have a couple of them myself.
Holy crap, that rain showed me last night. Our basement was a flood zone. Water was coming in in places I'd never seen it before. It must have literally burst a hole in the foundation - we have some china on a shelf that is filled with dirty water - the china is at least 10 inches from the wall, on a shelf 1 foot high, and the shelf above is bone dry. Bizarre. Wife is insistent on finishing the basement; I don't think it's possible at this point. On the bright side,...
Other than in the largest, most clearly public areas in my house (entry, living room - which are oak), most of my house has heart pine floors. No worries Lefty, I obviously have to get the roof to a certain point before I can even think about finishing anything. I'm not going to replace the roof, but I am going to make sure it's all squared away.
New Posts  All Forums: