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Okay, so I've decided on the grey because it's all they have in my size at Macy's on short notice, and I like it as well lol. I have no fashion sense. Looking for some advice on shoes color as well as style and also what color and pattern of shirt I should wear with it.   Don't have a ton of money so please don't suggest $100 shirt. Most likely be getting a shirt as well as shoes from either Macy's or Nordstrom Rack.
I have a ten year high school reunion comming up this weekend. It says cocktail attire. I've decided I like how the Alfani Red line of suits.   I've pretty much narrowed it down between the charcoal or the black. Anyone have suggestions on which would be better? They also have a light grey sharkskin one as well although think it may be too light for fall.   I'm kinda fashion stupid so also had a few other questions. Never had a suit with no cuffs, is there a...
I have a high school reunion comming up next weekend. Went out shopping today and realized I have no fashion sense. I'm looking for help in what to wear but also just some overall fashion sense.   Here is a suit I have already...     If I were to wear this suit what type of shirt could I wear? I'd prefer to go with something a little more exciting than the traditional light blue shirt. Not against a solid color but I also like stripes or the dressy crossing...
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