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I you don't want that much room in the waist on a sanforized pair of jeans. You could try hot washing them to see if they shrink up, but then you won't be able to return them. I'd return them and get something else or wait for a smaller size.
It's a shame they don't make more Type III's with side pockets. I guess I'll go with the black duck IH. Thanks Kiya!
I saw those. I meant unlined. Anything unlined with side pockets in the pipeline?  
Cool. Will do. Thanks!   One other question: any plans on getting a jean jacket with side pockets in the near future, like the IH modified type III? A while back there was talk about a Roy jacket but that never materialized. I was thinking about ordering the modified black duck jacket from IH but I'll hold out for a true jean jacket.  
28, I have a pair of the SEXFHXRJB and was thinking about picking up some Iron Hearts in the new year. I was going to go down to SENY to try on a pair but according to the site there all gone. Thanks for the quick reply!  
Hey Kiya, are you getting an Iron Heart 666's in any time soon?
That utility jacket Post O'alls vest combo looks great!  
  I just bought the olive utility jacket today. I got a xs, and usually a small fits me fine for EG stuff, workshirts, jackets, etc. So I would say size down one, especially if you like a slimmer fit. The jacket is great btw, very simple but perfect.  
I had these Officer Indys from Epaulet resoled to commando soles at Moulded Shoe in NYC, since Alden can't be bothered to put on a different sole now--but they will raise their prices $100!    
Shell does not stretch. Waterlock means the leather sole has been oiled to repel water.
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