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The knots are indeed quite small if you go for a single FIH, bit with a double I find that they are perfect.And I can assure you that there is no connection to Suitsupply besides perhaps a geographical one.  It is true however that the majority owner of Viola Milano moved to Amsterdam quite recently and moved the office with him. I am acquainted with a few guys at Suitsupply and I am acquainted with the guys behind Viola Milano as well, so I know this for a fact. That...
Those are from Yanko, a well-known Spanish shoe manufacturer that is slightly below Carmina in quality I'd say.  Nothing Swedish about them except the retailer you're linking to. I've seen some in real life and I think they look very, very good for the money. I'm not a big fan of Meermins, but these are very good "entry level" goodyear welted shoes in my opinion. Made in Spain instead of China as well. 
I really like Giab's. Made in Florence with a nice slim cut. 
I ordered from PAUW in the Netherlands, which is the only online retailer I know sells currently. I know that Viola Milano is launching their new online store sometime early in June, but until then I think Pauw is the only (or at least best) option if you want to buy online. 
I find that they use very nice fabrics, and constructions that drapes wonderfully. I also manage to get a better knot with Viola Milano ties than most others I have tried, why this is I have no idea. And last, but definitely not least, I really like their designs. I have three VM ties at the moment, but I just ordered three more.   
I love Viola Milano. Even though the ties are quite pricey, I prefer them over Drake's or basically everything else I've tried!
From what I have gathered the craftsmanship is on par with the top British and Italian tailors, so it's really up to you if you like the house style. 
WIW on Friday Suit - G.abo Napoli MTO via SPIGA 3   Raincoat - Aspesi  Shirt - G.Inglese   Sleeveless cardigan - Morris Heritage   Pocket square - Rubinacci   Socks - Viola Milano Shoes - Meermin  
What I wore today for work:   - G.abo Napoli jacket - Morris Heritage shirt, tie and sleeveless cardigan - Rubinacci Pochette - Oscar Jacobson Trouser - DèPio socks - Cleverley Tassels Too poor to afford a nice watch, so let us just all imagine there's a Vacheron Constantin on that wrist.    
My combo for work today: - George Cleverley RTW Aidan Tassel loafers - DèPio navy and white dotted socks - Oscar Jacobson flannel trousers   
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