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G.abo is only made in-house. Their head tailor and co-founder Gianfranco did work for Isaia, who has their factory basically next door, for many years. If I'm not entirely mistaken I think he was even head of the tailoring department at one point. I also believe he prior to joining Isaia worked for Attolini, so it's not odd that you see similarities.    I really, really like G.abo stuff. Easily the best value for money Neapolitan tailoring I've tried. Fun story is that...
  WIWT   Jacket - MTM G.abo Napoli from SPIGA 3   Shirt - Finamore Napoli   Pocket Square - Viola Milano   Trousers - Oscar Jacobson   Shoes - George Cleverley 
Those look very much like bench grade Crocketts. 
    My first MTM suit (well second really, but the first was a real blunder 7 years ago. I'm not counting that one).    Suit - Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana MTM, ordered through SPIGA 3.    Shirt - RTW Finamore    Tie - Bespoke Passagio Cravatte    Pocket square - Viola Milano   Shoes - Edward Green Cadogan in dark oak    Sunglasses - Moscot   
I know for a fact that many (if not all) of Loro Piana's sport coats (and perhaps suits) are made in Naples by G.abo. They do offer a fully handmade product, but I expect that Loro Piana is using the "Hand finished" half canvas construction for most of their stuff.   I think G.abo is very good at the price point, but Loro Piana prices are extremely excessive for that quality. 
I'm a 43,5 inch chest and a 31 inch waist and I find that Poggianti's most athletic fit (available here: http://www.spiga3.com/en/brands/poggianti/ - All of the shirts should be in that fit) is excellent. Good quality shirts, no real handwork but really good wardrobe staples at a decent price. Highly suggest trying them! 
SPIGA 3's boxing day sale is starting in an hour (midnight Swedish time). 30-50% off on G.abo Napoli, Finamore, PT01 / PT05, Boglioli, Gran Sasso knitwear etc: http://www.spiga3.com
​   Yesterday's outfit - It's getting chilly in Sweden so I got myself a new sport coat  Sport coat -  G.abo Napoli wool, cotton & cashmere blend    Shirt - Morris Heritage   Tie - Viola Milano   Pocket Square - Rubinacci   Trousers - Oscar Jacobson   Shoes - Freccia Bestetti 
They are definately NOT made by Incotex (which is a trouser maker btw - The "group" is called Slowear and its tailoring division is Montedoro). It is possible that Gi Capri does produce for Montedoro, but not the other way around.  Gi Capri is a manufacturer that produces mostly for other brands rather than marketing their own line, so it's nice to see that they are actually retailing at a place like Neimans. 
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