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The problem is that it simply isn't a modern look, at all. Whether we like it or not, the men's hat is completely dead, and I doubt it will be making a strong comeback anytime soon.    It's like wearing a 1930's suit with extremely wide trousers, it is simply out of place in current menswear. Rather than looking like someone with a contemporary interpretation of classic style (Something I think most SF members strive for), a hat has the unfortunate tendency to make the...
  Blue, blue and blue.    Suit - G.abo Napoli RTW Merino rollneck - Gran Sasso  Denim shirt - Finamore RTW Shoes - Pari (Private label for a local store)
@ComfortablyDumb - Here's one taken by the guy who altered the colour. They really looked bad, lots of shifts in colour, one shoe basically being a full shade darker than the other etc. But he managed to make them look ten times better! Here's his Instagram if you're interested in getting it done for yourself.   
  Sport coat - G.abo Napoli   Shirt - Finamore Napoli   Tie - Viola Milano   Pocket square & Belt - Simonnot Godard   Trousers - PT01    All of the above RTW from SPIGA 3   The shoes are a pair of Carminas that were originally in tobacco suede. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck with the quality of the suede, so they looked terrible after a while. Luckily, a friend who does patinas and recolouring of shoes managed to darken them to this lovely chocolate...
G.abo is only made in-house. Their head tailor and co-founder Gianfranco did work for Isaia, which has their factory basically next door, for many years. If I'm not entirely mistaken I think he was even head of the tailoring department at one point. I also believe he prior to joining Isaia worked for Attolini, so it's not odd that you see similarities.    I really, really like G.abo stuff. Easily the best value for money Neapolitan tailoring I've tried. Fun story is...
  WIWT   Jacket - MTM G.abo Napoli    Shirt - Finamore Napoli   Pocket Square - Viola Milano   Trousers - Oscar Jacobson   Shoes - George Cleverley 
Those look very much like bench grade Crocketts. 
    My first MTM suit (well second really, but the first was a real blunder 7 years ago. I'm not counting that one).    Suit - Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana MTM, ordered through SPIGA 3.    Shirt - RTW Finamore    Tie - Bespoke Passagio Cravatte    Pocket square - Viola Milano   Shoes - Edward Green Cadogan in dark oak    Sunglasses - Moscot   
I know for a fact that many (if not all) of Loro Piana's sport coats (and perhaps suits) are made in Naples by G.abo. They do offer a fully handmade product, but I expect that Loro Piana is using the "Hand finished" half canvas construction for most of their stuff.   I think G.abo is very good at the price point, but Loro Piana prices are extremely excessive for that quality. 
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