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I know for a fact that many (if not all) of Loro Piana's sport coats (and perhaps suits) are made in Naples by G.abo. They do offer a fully handmade product, but I expect that Loro Piana is using the "Hand finished" half canvas construction for most of their stuff.   I think G.abo is very good at the price point, but Loro Piana prices are extremely excessive for that quality. 
I'm a 43,5 inch chest and a 31 inch waist and I find that Poggianti's most athletic fit (available here: http://www.spiga3.com/en/brands/poggianti/ - All of the shirts should be in that fit) is excellent. Good quality shirts, no real handwork but really good wardrobe staples at a decent price. Highly suggest trying them! 
SPIGA 3's boxing day sale is starting in an hour (midnight Swedish time). 30-50% off on G.abo Napoli, Finamore, PT01 / PT05, Boglioli, Gran Sasso knitwear etc: http://www.spiga3.com
​   Yesterday's outfit - It's getting chilly in Sweden so I got myself a new sport coat  Sport coat -  G.abo Napoli wool, cotton & cashmere blend    Shirt - Morris Heritage   Tie - Viola Milano   Pocket Square - Rubinacci   Trousers - Oscar Jacobson   Shoes - Freccia Bestetti 
They are definately NOT made by Incotex (which is a trouser maker btw - The "group" is called Slowear and its tailoring division is Montedoro). It is possible that Gi Capri does produce for Montedoro, but not the other way around.  Gi Capri is a manufacturer that produces mostly for other brands rather than marketing their own line, so it's nice to see that they are actually retailing at a place like Neimans. 
The best two brands for denim (definitely better than Jacob Cohën) I've ever tried are PT05 and Sartoria Tramarossa. A lot cheaper than than most JC as well. 
In that price range, I'd recommend G.abo Napoli, Eidos or Caruso. Not all Caruso is slim fit, especially not the stuff you'll thrift on eBay perhaps. But G.abo and Eidos both have great, slim cuts are great vale for money. 
The knots are indeed quite small if you go for a single FIH, bit with a double I find that they are perfect.And I can assure you that there is no connection to Suitsupply besides perhaps a geographical one.  It is true however that the majority owner of Viola Milano moved to Amsterdam quite recently and moved the office with him. I am acquainted with a few guys at Suitsupply and I am acquainted with the guys behind Viola Milano as well, so I know this for a fact. That...
Those are from Yanko, a well-known Spanish shoe manufacturer that is slightly below Carmina in quality I'd say.  Nothing Swedish about them except the retailer you're linking to. I've seen some in real life and I think they look very, very good for the money. I'm not a big fan of Meermins, but these are very good "entry level" goodyear welted shoes in my opinion. Made in Spain instead of China as well. 
I really like Giab's. Made in Florence with a nice slim cut. 
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