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What I wore today for work:   - G.abo Napoli jacket - Morris Heritage shirt, tie and sleeveless cardigan - Rubinacci Pochette - Oscar Jacobson Trouser - DèPio socks - Cleverley Tassels Too poor to afford a nice watch, so let us just all imagine there's a Vacheron Constantin on that wrist.    
My combo for work today: - George Cleverley RTW Aidan Tassel loafers - DèPio navy and white dotted socks - Oscar Jacobson flannel trousers   
Yesterday I received my new pair of Bestettis, and I'm awestruck. Even though they are just from his RTW line, I am utterly impressed. I've never seen anything else come close to this level of value for money.    Full review here Edit: I had to do a small alteration to the fit of the heel, since these are completely RTW. When I dropped them off at my cobbler (who is in fact a very talented shoemaker himself, but the market for bespoke shoes in Sweden is non existent) he...
Got my G.abo Napoli suit back from the alterations tailor today  What do you guys think?    Shirt by Morris Heritage, cashmere tie by Luigi Borrelli and the split toes are Meermin Linea Maestro 
Hehe yes, they are fitted, but the wrinkles are due to the fact that I'm to lazy to press my trousers. They are as I said very fitted, but they are definately not limiting or snug.
    Yesterdays outfit   Jacket - Morris Heritage Shirt - Eton Tie - Sartoria Pari Pochette - Morris Heritage Scarf - Morris  Trousers - Oscar Jacobson Boots - RM Williams
    Thank you, this is the kind of thing I'm looking for!
These are exactly the things I want to hear. Please, if you can it would be great if you could supply some details for manufacturers/brands you recommend. 
We all love how great things age, and I am simply wondering what you would recommend a young man to buy that will last him a lifetime?  What do you own now that you wish you had bought when you were young? What things do you see as sensible buy it for life investments?    Be it a wallet, a pair of shoes or anything you can think of really.      edit: To clear some things out. I'm a 22 year old university student that, while not broke nor rich, prefers to buy...
You should really visit Simone Righi at Frasi on via de Fredrerighi 7r, close to Ponte alla Carraia. Close by are also Cucinelli, Sartoria Rossi, Boggi and several other brands. Just south of the bridge, on the eastern side of the road was a shoe store selling what seemed to be very nice shoes for about 150 euros.
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