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awesome! They really are some great sox!!!
  while all these companies use the same fabric being "denim" they surely are not all the same. They use different types of cottons and different methods of dying the fabric. The more expensive jap brands using pure indigo is not the same as a company using synth. indigo. All of that and more also determines the price of the jeans.   And to be honest you sound like a moron. 
just like I said on the last page. You don't have to soak them. It's pointless. Plus what Roy said, they wont be as going to want to wear them for as long as possible before you soak/wash.
  You don't have to soak them first. Just wear them for several days maybe a few weeks so the combs will form and take up a little bit of the denim then hem. I hemmed my deep indigos before ever soaking and they might have shrunk .25" to .5" at most
You have a lot of work ahead of you. All those designs are for little kids. Listen to what CK said.    Why did you chose Abandon clothing as your company name? What are you guys about? What type of style are you trying to achieve?   Personally I don't think you're off to a good start. But I will say that if I had to chose a shirt it might have to be the spartan or jet T. Don't give up tho, just keep at it.
I washed them around 4 months of wear...I think I should have waited tho. Wear them 4-6 times a week but only for 6 hrs or so.  They have about 8 months of actual wear.   Peter, they wont really shrink. Hem them about 0.5" longer tho.   And those reg. indigo's look really nice!!
Deep Indigo    
Can you post a picture of the weird guys?  What size did you get? You could always have them tapered more if you want. found those Roys at a thrift store??  If so, that's amazing!!!   Thrift stores around here are use than shopping at Kmart :(
fit is nice. But skinny guy wont have a smaller leg opening. You'll have to wait for the super skinny.  And those really do look like the chinos.
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