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what's the difference between being made in Macau or Vietnam?? You're not gonna buy them b/c of that? If the jeans are good, they're good...just buy them. As long as price doesn't go up.    Wragen, I think they're fine for the work place. They should loosen up a little bit too so they wont look as tight.
If APC's end up being 220 every where I doubt many will still buy them. A few more bucks and you can PBJ or something else
im sure the JH have at least 36. Oni on the other hand i believe had a 34 inseam as a lot of ppl complained about that. But I would agree on going by what blue owl has on their site
haha, don't know how i missed bad !!   But i still don't understand why he doesn't like the stamped can't see it once the belts being worn
Will....were yours new? If so I'm sure someone had bought them and wore them for a little bit then returned them.    My size 27 PS measured 14.5 new. I would still recommend to size down 2 on PS, well I guess if your thighs fit. That goes for any company. Thighs matter most IMO.
I know you already ordered one but here's another place.
Honestly I think they look fine. A lot of times raw denim will get faded there...sometimes called train tracks since they end up looking like tracks.    I always get Lucky and True Religion mixed up and was thinking that's what this thread was about and was like "oh god", I really hate those back pockets on them. But your jeans look pretty good for distressed jeans. Are they boot cut?
They both look really good.  I would try wearing them with the types of shoes you wear most to see how the different size leg opening will look with them then choose which cut to keep.
apc thicker than most jeans? What jeans do you buy? All my old jeans were probably around 14-15 just judging by how my N&F deep indigos feel. Apc's are quit thin in my opinion. I'm not even sure if I've ever ran across any jeans much thinner than them. 
if you don't wear your jeans they wont fade...they may get lighter in color but they wont fade like you see with other peoples pair.  If you got the non raw pair you can go ahead and wash when ever you want. But I don't understand why you got a raw pair if you don't like stiff denim and you're trying to wash em before you wear them. If you want a natural look you gotta just wear them man and let them fade over time. If you really want go ahead and wash as often as you...
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