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I'm glad KL is trying to make it right. I'd be really pissed if they did that twice. Hope you get the right pair this time lol.   DICK, they do have the wg highs if you find the rise too low. 
to find the closest fit just compare measurements. ducks aren't like raw jeans so I doubt you're going to wear them for months with out washing trying to get crazy fades. Just like any other pants you wear, they're going to stretch a little then shrink once you wash.
go to selfedge's website and compare measurements to yours
those beeswax look pretty good darkened !!   I want to get a pair of those originals, I have the bushacre ones and I'm not really a fan of the type of leather used. It's too suede like.
From what I've read most people sleep in their jeans to stretch them. I can see that working on stretching the legs since I'm always changing the positions of my legs.
anyone with PaulRose jeans?? Haven't seen any worn in pics
  I say don't get em...not for that much. I'd rather get some Iron Hearts or something. 
Jmaud, I would wear the jeans for a little bit first trying to form the combs. Bend your legs a lot or something to speed it up that way they will form and take up what ever amount of length. But I would think 33 would be good. I'm 5'6 and normally wear 30 length which doesn't have a clean break and on my N&F wg's I hemmed to a 32 for a little stacking and I'm still able to do a double cuff if I'd like.   Also try and see if anyone can give you any info on the amount...
    When the fuck did I say that we should keep this thread or have multiple threads of the same subject??  I just stated that the other thread is easily missed....that is all. 
that thread is easily missed since not many post in it often
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