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I doubt anyone can ID those jeans as there's no detail shots.    Pretty much any company that makes/sells jeans will have a wash like this. go look at Levi's or something
Mythage, I'd size up 1. It probably would stretch out I personally would just size up and get something that pretty much fits properly from the start.   Wing0,  I'd also look into the Petit New Standard. If you didn't already know the PNS is new and slightly different from Petit Standard. From what I know it has a larger thigh so it may work out for you. Or you can do what you were talking about.
alright asshole.  I was just letting you know they break in pretty easily. Little bitch can't even break in apc's
also thinking of ordering  JH from KL too!!!  I would find it funny of 5 other people tried buying JH and all got DI. I wonder if they even have that model in stock.   Anyways, are the LHT's pretty dark? Some pics vary in shade and I'll probably be to looking for another pair that's some what dark. Like my DI but would like something else.
APC's break in really quick. They're not even that stiff and kinda thin. Mine have gotten a lot softer from the knees up within a month. The calf area is still kinda crispy since there'n not much movement there
Starbuck...N&F does not currently have anything that'll fit like that. Although the upcoming super skinny guy cut might be what you're looking for.   Those high rise jeans are awful. Might be better for ppl with a huge ass. Not sure how some one as slim as the model could be comfortable in those
you should base sizing down on the thigh measurements. But from what I recall the LHTs run bigger than most fabrics so a 31 should be alright as long as the rest of the leg measurements are fine for your body type.   What model are you referring to when you say WG selvedge? Regular indigo?
really nice fit on those jeans Ben!!   And the color of those AW are amazing!! Would really love to see them in person
I'm glad KL is trying to make it right. I'd be really pissed if they did that twice. Hope you get the right pair this time lol.   DICK, they do have the wg highs if you find the rise too low. 
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