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That dude made a HUGE mistake buying those!!!  I mean, I guess he's ok if he never plans on washing and is actually able to stretch them enough to button   You need to hurry and return those before you have put too much wear into them and BO wont exchange them for you. 
Bartender, You could do that with the patch or just do it by hand. Also I'm sure there's a tailor in your area that could do that. Just because they're raw doesn't mean you need a specialist. And that's some nice fading...post up some full shots. I've worn mine for 9 months and there's not too much going on mine. For one I'm not too active and I may have soaked too early...not sure if it matters or not.   xdawes23, just do a cold/warm soak. There shouldn't be much...
1-2x a week, you'd be fine with either one. What type of work do you do? APC's are thin and light weight also at 12oz, levis will vary in weight.
Do NC really flare out because that's the actually shape/cut of the jean or is it because it's more of a straight cut?  Like on my N&F skinny guy they appear to flare out since it's pretty much a skinny straight fit which is what I consider the NC to be
dang, you're saying levi's 501 will be too tight? You must have massive thighs !!   Deff check out SE and BlueinGreen
god damn those shoes are shiny  :)
apc ps Pure Blue Japan  probably the 011 or 013 cut  flat head bsps sized down might be skinny enough if you can even size down in them Dior 17.5cm or 19cm cut     That's all that I can think of that has a real skinny cut.   Naked and Famous is coming out with a super skinny cut around january. Just measure your jeans and compare to size charts on the web.
Vents - fit looks good. If you're happy with the fit, I'd say keep them. They'll loosen up some but I dont think the fit will change that much.   I'll try and get some pics up of mine. Only worn for about 2 months but not much change in the actual fit. I was able to button them up easily with sizing down 2 also. Some people say they stretch out a lot and some say they don't. Guess it really does have to deal with how much you size down.
some nice stuff in here! Too bad i cant afford anything
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