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You guys realize this thread is from 2008?
are the Kirkland's thick?
Can some of you post some pics wearing scarves?   I'd like to start wearing them but unsure of how I should wear them. Never really worn them but I prefer the shorter ones   thanks
AlwaysRaw, Thanks for that. I already knew about those but that's the only collab and not really sure if I like those or not.   N&F needs to have smaller back ass is too small and on my WG's if the back rise was shorter the fit would be sooo much better. But what can i do :(   Any full shots of those Raised Flannels? They look really good! I don't see many well faded N&F denim too often.
Dapp, those are coming along nicely!!   Expresso, I don't think there will really be any specials on APC's. Believe that they just never go on sale and I remember reading something about APC not wanted companies to discount them. Could be wrong tho.
I'm in the same boat as BIK201, I have small feet and not sure I could fit into a 7. A size 7 in Clarks DB are a little big and it doesn't seem like there's anything smaller than a 7 in these.   Is there a real difference from the mens and womens 1k besides the number of lace holes?
I want those FHxNF but I'm soo broke :(   A skinny guy collab would be cool!!
soaking wont do much in the long run. Yeah, they'll shrink down initially but after a few wears they're just going to stretch right back out.
Most if not all raw denim will come in vary long lengths. So you're going to have to get them hemmed. Nudies is the only company that I know of that allows you to choose your length or maybe Levi's.   It'll only cost like $10 bucks at the tailor to get them hemmed so don't worry about it
Barely worn Elephant 2 Skinny Guy denim from N&F. Most of the wear was indoors except for once outside.    Tiny fade on back right pocket and inside the hem. Pic was adjusted to show where fade is but in person you wouldn't even know it was there.   Size 30 Skinny Guy Hemmed to 32 inch   Price: $100 + %4 pp fee shipped in US. Contact for anywhere else   OBO
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