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Yeah, you can hem when ever since they won't shrink much. nothing too noticeable any way
The waist is too big. I really want to try the ST's but the thighs seem so small compared to the rest of the pants
The color looks really good!
Buying TTS means getting the TAG size thats is your waist/hip measurement. When you size down, you size down from tag and not the actual measurement. If you size down one with true waist of 30 you buy tag 29...not 27 if vanity suze is 2" bigger I got my deep indigo WG TTS, size 29 ( didnt know about vanity size ) and theyfit like the pre washed jeans I would buy at the mall. Now theyre a little bigger in the waist due to not washing as frequent as I would with pre washed...
Your NC's didnt fit cuz you sized down 4! Try WG tts or down 1
Have you measured both sides to really see how off it is? And are you not able to return them? If not just wait till you get an email back from them
@ ykim, just hand wash your jeans in cold water and then hang them by the leg opening. They shouldnr shrink much. I always wash my deep indigos in the hottest tap water A and the inseam didnt shrink any noticable amount.
Those are fine. Take a look at Vans or the Converse Chuck Taylor classics.  I'm 28 and wear chucks most of the time when just hanging out with friends. I don't really ever get that dressed up, mostly wear simple basic stuff.   Also they run pretty big. All my other sneakers like Nike SB's, air max, or any sneaker with padding I wear anything from 7.5 - 8.5 and in Converse I wear a 6. I use to wear 6.5 but I think they made them even bigger.
TooAwesome, I wasn't really trying to complain about the rise. It's fine, but I think I just need to size down considering I went TTS not knowing about the vanity sizing.   I never really paid that much attention to how my pants actually fits until I started visiting fashion forums. It's kinda tuff to find that perfect fit specially being skinny. My main problem is new meds that I'm on have messed up my appetite and I need to get that worked out and maybe start...
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