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I would at least go 1/2 size down.   If you wear shoes like converse (chucks) that have no padding then buy what you would in those. I use to wear a 6.5 in chucks but now they're made a little bigger so I had to go w/ a 6 and got DB in 7..could've gone down to 6.5 but don't think they make that size. I wear either 7.5 or 8 in Nike's and most other sneakers.   Hope that helps!     
can you post measurements for those please?
What's brand new?
I was going to ask the same question about the men and womens being the same shoe since I can't find a 6.5 in the dessert boots. I might have to pick up another pair in the Original BW. The Bushacres don't really seem like leather, plus the pics of the originals just look better.   Can anyone confirm if the Bushacres are leather?   Footlocker has womens sizes for about 60$ didn't look at mens sorry
I want a pair of the old Franks!! Not really feeling the newer ones color.
there's no way he would fit a 6.5 if he wears clarks in 9.5.     I have clarks db in 7 which are a little big and where a 6.5 in chucks. Shoes like nike sb's with all that padding I wear a 7.5-8 and nike sb janoski's I were 7.5.   I'd say size down 1 from your regular shoe size. If you go to converse site they have this thing where you choose your reg shoe size and then it tells you what size in converse you are. But like mentioned it's best to go to a store....
I agree with pebblegrain!! 3 times might not do it though, you may want to do it about 5 times for best results
sufu does..you're going have to look through tons of pages, but I remember seeing some the other day. Or try hypbeast.com
Not sure of any place that has 40% I'd just jump on that if they have em.   I'm little disappointed in the E2's construction..nothing major but the first pair had like a 2ft piece of yarn balled up inside the pant leg and my new pair which I just found out has the inner stitching on the right side of the rear pocket missing :(  It's pretty much half of the stitching..all the way down to the point of at the bottom of the pocket.   Also the bar tacks (is that...
I have a pair of N&F deep indigo's and I think they look great!!
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