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Just got a pair of the buchacre's in size  7, fit pretty good but could've sized down to 6.5.      for anyone who wears chucks, did you get the same size in DB's as your chucks?
IDH -  Naked and Famous Skinny Guy cut has about a 37" length, would that be good for you? You can always find good deals too specially around now with all the sales.    
any area of the denim that has pressure/force applied to it will stretch. How do you guys perceive sizing down? Like if you're a true 30 waist and you say you sized down 2...does that mean you got a 26?  I know how I look at it but when reading some of these post I'm not really sure how much a person really sized down since some say they sized down 2 when they bought a tag size 28. To me that's going TTS.   That wasn't meant to be sizing advice either so please don't...
yup, standing on my counter!! Only mirror and I'm using a pos camera on my phone with no zoom or really any type of adjustments.   The 28's were actually really tight in the hips, I just didn't think they would stretch that much to fit comfortable. I did take in account for I mentioned before skinnyguys that I've dealt with have all measured true to tag and I had gotten 30's instead of 29's because karmL. only had 2 left and didn't want to get the 29's and...
here's two fit pics of size 30 E2's.  Like I said, the waist is a little big, but then again they are sitting higher than normal.  here's the link
Stevie-  I have a fit pic of my size 28's a few pages back.  I just received my size 30's today, had to exchange them since the 28's were too tight. I could've got a 29 but the legs are perfect on the 30's.  The waist is a little big, I could prob pull them down w/ them buttoned up but right now they're too stiff to pull down that far lol.   If you go to hypebeast there are some nice fits. I might even have posted a web site several pages back that has tons of pics...
I deff wanna see the FHxNF denim!!!!
always wanted one of those shirts. Maybe in a few months!!   @ggoofer -  I'm 5'6  had those hemmed to 31.25 Never measured to make sure that's what they were but that's what I asked for.
pics of WG size 29. 1-2 months of actual wear with 1 soak    
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