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Color looks good on those KA callabs. wish I could see them person. For my next pair of jeans I'm thinking of something thats indigo/indigo but theresso many great choices.
Interesting idea but too bad the cut isn't for me. Good luck guys!
Do guys who wear baggy ass jeans hanging past their ass know people are laughing at them? people didn't really start wearing baggy jeans till the 90's. Looking back I noticed pretty much everyone was wearing skinny jeans. look at peiple from from the 60's-80's. Any way those two new jeans look great!
Well if you find a raw pair you like why not just wash before you start wearing them.
So I got a shirt and noticed on the button hole side there isn't any stitching going down to keep the folded part down..are all their shirts made like this? To me it looks unfinished. I mean ive never seen a shirt like thisand seems odd that they wouldn't sew that part.
PS in size 27 can pretty much fit over clarks DB. If you already have a pair of boots and pants you wear, measure the opening of your pants to determine the min leg opening you need
You'll be fine with those broken twills. The rest looks good too. Hoping someone will post some fit pics of the super skinnies soon. I know websites have some but I want to see how they really fit.
Theyll fade..ive seen some nice Levis rigid dragons that have elastane in them come out really good.
They'll Stretch more if theyre tight. I went tts on my D.I WG size 29 and I don't know what they measured new but they now measure 31. They were a little tight new since they were stiff but have now loosened up. So in all they really haven't stretched even tho they feel like it.
Youre going to have to return then since theyre unsanforizec.
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