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Can you post a picture of the weird guys?  What size did you get? You could always have them tapered more if you want. 
DarkMatter.....you found those Roys at a thrift store??  If so, that's amazing!!!   Thrift stores around here are use than shopping at Kmart :(
fit is nice. But skinny guy wont have a smaller leg opening. You'll have to wait for the super skinny.  And those really do look like the chinos.
Double, What fit are you referring to? Skinny Guy TTS. Wg I'd still at least down size 1. They will stretch but it'll take a while. My thighs on mine stretch some. Don't know how much but I don't wear them since I hate the fit
What's a regular hem? And what would he get to be done "properly"???   that has me really confused.     It appears to me that he had got the original hem stitch that came with the jeans
My foot measures 9.5" from heal to big toe and Small fit's snug at first but is fine after wearing for a few minutes.  I use a measuring tape to measure :)
so is the Barney's ST more tapered than the regular ST's?? I wish they would do a tapered fit.
Yea, the deep indigos take a long time to fade. Do you have any pics?  How long have you worn them?
someone please explain what an original hem is?  When I get my jeans hemmed they just cut it to length and sew up the bottom.
I would probably go 29. My deep indigos haven't really stretched much except for the waist with about 8 months total wear. They would fit a person with a 32" waist snuggly. So that's really not that much bigger than your 31.5 waist, plus you can wear a belt which is what I do. The thighs measure 11" so not sure how tight you want the thighs to be and since my thighs are around 18" they haven't stretched. You might be able to get them to stretch a little.
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