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I really like that jacket
Groves, context's measurements are pretty accurate. But since they changed it it, my 27's are the 28 measurements. Don't know if the vanity size changed our not . 27 PS with a month of wear. Tts is like 29 Waist aligned 15 thigh @ crotch 10.75 Knee 7.25 Hem 6.25 You might be able to get the waist to stretch. I wear a belt and dont want it to stretch much more. Hopefully those measurements can help you get your size
First post is bumping a two year old thread telling him to order online..haha
Great fit on those pomegranates ! I kinda like the color but I just dont know what is wear with them.
I agree that tje distressing job on the Johnelliots are amazing!
Yes, theres the original with crepe sole thats white. This model cost more. Then they have the Bushacres with a dark sole and are cheaper. Also I think the larger is least from pics that what it looks like. I have the bushacres so I can't comment on the originals.
@Tonydelite - thats awesome you got one for free! Wish I could find deals like that. I also like the purple laces, something different.
You can hem your NF, they wont shrink any noticeable amount...mine didn't. Hem to what ever length you want. And no there us no need for a soak, same goes for the shouldn't get much shrinkage. The waist should stretch a lil more since theyre still pretty new.
My local dry cleaners was able to do my NF elephant 2's so I would assume most people shouldn't have trouble finding a spot to do the UB 21oz. But for hemming, just take them in and tell the person you want your jeans hemmed to what ever length..don't say anything about original hem. I dont even know why some of you would mention that.
Those are nice! You also have some great items on your
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