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What model did you get? And no, they won't be too baggy after a few wears. Maybe over time. My deep indigos barely stretched after about a yr of wear and couple hand washes., I did go tts tho
Omg that was funny! J1987- try going true to size in the WG it does sound like the 29's would work tho
Thers some discussion on another thread about how the jeans aren't selvedged and are specifically made for gilt. someone posted a pic of organic indigo slim guys and they had a zipper fly..i thought only jeans with stretch came with a zipper?
No need to soak, just wear them man. Only un-sanforized denim should be soaked before you wear them
With the jeans being that baggy I doubt they'll stretch much if any, the waist will stretch. After a hem theyll look better. But you could probably size down one more.
Thats a great fit! You should post a full pic tho. They look like theyre the same color s APC's?
Size 29 deep indigo back rise is 13.25
How the hell do you guys not undo the top button on other pants? I've always just undone my belt and all buttons. It's a struggle to unbutton the lower buttons even on my apc's.
I dont see how so many people have issues with the crotch area. Either you guys have huge butts, sizing diwn too much, or wearing them too high. I have noticed a lot of people wear their jeans kinda high like the pic in the previous page with that guy wearing suspenders.
Its their Butler program. And they don't just take any worm in pair, its up to them if they'll except a certain pair.
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