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Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I like it a lot. It seems to be both a sleek round toed last and slightly chiseled at the same time. Did I understand your blog correctly that you'd be offering RTW shoes on this last? Yes Sir, you do. I will. Soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Icarus Is this last specially designed for the end of the world? you must be stylish all the time, don't you?
I have a few questions: Why the vamp lining made from 3 pieces in "the world most expensive men's shoes"? (answer: factories use that method for saving some lining leather). "Each pair is made up, deconstructed, and then put back together again" - Don't ask me about this "patented method". I am a master shoemaker, but I have never heard about it. (and my guess: they just talking about the pre-lasting - because of the hard leather - and they probably call "construction".
The whole story is on my blog. Curiously waiting for your opinions - about the last this time.
I have never designed talking lasts.. Anyway thanks for your appreciation. I believe the next one will be closer to the western taste.
I believe this gentleman talked about the sole decoration. I made this sole decoration in 1989, when I passed my shoemaker trade school final exam (I can prove it - I still have that pair! ), and I also have an old pair (I guess 90 years old - with these nail decoration - pretty much used, but visible. BTW triangle was a very common symbol in finishing here.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Lovely, I assume Dinkelacker is your inspiration? No. I think we have the same inspiration - Hungarian traditions.
Here is my new creation for a NYC customer (I hope he will see them here). The last is the new interpretation of the old Budapest last - a bit longer, a bit more elegant - I would say just the new demands for an old model. (I think I should make something like this for myself.. )
Too many? Maybe. Anyway they spent one year on the last as private projects.
Thanks everyone! And even more thanks to your support!
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