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You know what? I would be more than happy to make shoes for the Vatican.. That can be a good business.
I wish.. Thanks guys!
thanks! I try to do my best...
Sure I will! Until then check my blog for more pics, about the making process:
Hidden stitch.
Thanks. I would like to point your attention to the technique: this couldn't be done with machines.
Maybe a bit crazy colour for some people, but there are some fellows out there who want to wear them right? (don't worry I still have black and brown leather in stock )
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Those look like they would withstand nuclear war. They would..
My latest creation - a pair of black, simple derby. Double sole, double goiser - only for those guys, who knows what they order.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Beautiful boots. For those of us interested in construction, but are too young to know anything else besides Goodyear and Blake, is the Goiser welt just another name for the Norwegian welt? Also, I've read that the Norwegian welt is the same thing as the split reverse welt and storm welt. Storm welts I'm familiar with, but all this other stuff about Goiser, Norwegian, and split reverse I'm not. Are they just...
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