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For sure. You can contact me directly from my web-site, or this address: koronya @
I would like to comment also, but as I am not a native speaker (and far away from that) it would be more funny than useful. Tim's videos are very good - the method is a bit different (cemented - goodyear), but the basis is the same.
You can take a look some modells here (until I finish the English page) Soon I will have some new modells, but I can make almost anything.
Thank you for your interest and questions! I try to answer for all of your questions. I don't use machines - you will see this from the next two parts (I plan to show later some other technologies too). I wouldn't dare to call my shoes "handmade" if I wouldn't make all steps by hand. You can buy excellent machine-made shoes (even with a hand-made sign on its sole ), but you can't compare them with a real hand-made one. A handmade shoe takes 3-4 days to finish...
Dear All, First thanks Janne to put my videos link here! I am glad to answer your question about handmade bespoke men shoes. bengal-stripe: you are right, I work sometimes on pleastic, because it is much more durable than the tree ones. Tha fact that you don't see modifications, doesn't mean that they don't exist - if one customer order more shoes, I can get manufactured his own last for his size. The last factory can arrange staly, heel-height, width, etc. It takes...
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