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Quote: Originally Posted by Handmadeshoes Here is a guy in Seattle that can make some good shoes: you can contact him through the blog. I happened to teach that guy a few times, I can also recommend him. Great person and good shoemaker.
yes, this is a bit more sleek Budapest last. The toe is not that high, but still very comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Even though I don't like that model, I can admire the the norwegian stitching..... Adrian Well, recently I made more dress shoes, but this is my heritage.. we call it Goiser.
More pics, as I promised
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Great to see you(r) work. Well, I have never stopped...
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Wish i could teleport there and get fitted and have some shoes made by you. Great work. We can make a deal if you bring that cycle...
Thanks for the appreciation for my work! Soon I post some photos about the ready products.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv Marcell, Just went to see more on your blog. Great work, beautifully made, congratulations. Adrian Did you? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha only if they pay you Well, that's what I call customer..
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