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OK: This starts to be sick.
I am just wondering why I don'T get these many reflects, when I post a simple calfskin shoe... Anyway: thanks for your post DWFII.
Sorry for the bad quality photos, I didn't have so much time for them: the customer was practically at the door...
Choose one or more: 1. Too thick leather (cordovan for example) 2. Wrong pattern construction 3. bad positioning of toe stiffener 4. bad fitting 5. wrong clicking - the leather stretches to a wrong direction - alongside 6. Foot problems Anyway a local cobbler might be able to help...
I had a chance to talk with Kálmán Berta, the lastmaker a few days ago about Mr. Kiss. It is amazing, that in the craft - which was amazingly huge a few decades ago - now everybody nows everybody... And we soon realize, that every members mean bigger and bigger lost, beside the personal one. Fritzl: Meltonian is the last thing what you want to put on your shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm tell us hun This is a long story... Shortly: crafts are more appreciated anywhere else in the world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist My sincere condolences on the passing of your friend. The Japanese have a concept, the cultural treasure. Individuals who are craftsmen of an accomplishment such that they are honored for their skills, and the contribution to the civilization these skills contribute. From all I have read, this man was one of these rare, and increasingly rarer, individuals. We should all mourn his passing, and celebrate his...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Mr. Kiss has left the bench. R.I.P, big old man I am so sorry to hear this news today. When we talk about vanishing crafts, we usually just don't realize that it happens this way. it is just.... very sad. Nyugodj békében Kiss bácsi!
Entirely (except sole sanding) handmade from veg-tanned leathers (insole, lining, stiffners, upper. Only the sole is made from rubber.
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