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Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou +1. I agree. Give Leffot a shot. I guess Leffot has enough brand in the store.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm why did you end that? That is a long story... But shortly: maybe Brooklyn is not the most convenient place to sell luxury fashion products
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm leffot marcel. otherwise you can stick with rosenberg in boro park... Well, That is over now... since last autumn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer Nice! When / where are these going to be available! It depends on two things: 1. When I finish my whole collection and solve all the problems with the production 2. When I find a distributor in New York.
And I opened a facebook site for my brand
Quote: Originally Posted by piergiacomi Very nice, I wonder what kind of leather you used? Construction? Sometimes I read the blog, really interesting. Upper leather: this is a normal calf (as it is a prototype), but the final product will be made from French boxcalf. insole: high quality German insole leather, tanned specially for sewn insoles. Breathable, healthy (I have a whole page with all of this data) lining: high quality (also comes...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Just change the title of the thread to Handmade from Hungarian orphan leather. Beautiful shoes by the way. That could work..
Quote: Originally Posted by janne melkersson Marcel, congrats on your new RTW line. The wholecuts looks great, good craftmanship as always. Janne Thank you very much Janne! I really appreciate your nice words! ps. I am wondering when this thread will reach half as many posts as the elephant shoe's one...
Thank you everyone!
I promise RTW line for ages - here is the first prototype. It will be available as soon as I find a distributor. Until then enjoy the pics. (There are more on my blog)
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