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Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Fritzl, Marcell...and anyone else with a knowledge of the history of Central European shoe designs: Why did wing tip designs become associated with Budapest...while semi-brogue aprons (Alt Wien) were associated with Austria-Vienna? I don't think that there is an answer to this question... It is just tradition, style and taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex He is referring to the sole imbalance of Vass shoes,unlike Vass,yours don't have that problem. I agree partially. By the way,when are you going to have your RTW line up? Is that still in the works? I see, OK. I still work on it, but I do have to work on the business model too. I still don't have a distributor...
Quote: Originally Posted by uniesse None of the heel height to sole thickness imbalance which plagues Vass's HAF sole shoes. Ok. I don't get it... Explain please
thank you!
I haven't followed this thread for a while.... but it seems more and more interesting. and finally I know who is so mysterious...
Actually it gave me an idea - to come up with an RTW like this. Nothing fancy, no too much elongated toe, just something simple but elegant.
And why else I would suggest it, but it has an article about my workshop? Shameless me...
Thanks gentlemen
and it doesn't go to my work, just the excellent choice of my customer: simple, toe cap oxford, with 5 eyelets. I can't imagine better choice for everyday office work.
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