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Thank you all for your replies
Hello all, I am considering getting an nespresso machine and am trying to beside between one of the old style ones or one of the new ones that make regular coffee as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you Mitch
Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. I have some research to do I guess. :-)
Hi cmack, The Nissan Versa is a good little car. You should be able to find a newer one for 12,000 bucks. I have seen year old ones with not that many miles going in that range. I would avoid Volkwagens as they can be unreliable and expensive to fix. Be sure to check Autotrader to get an idea of the prices in your area.
Just wanted to take advantage of some of the watch related knowledge present in this thread. I am getting married and my Fiancee wants to buy me a nice watch for a wedding gift. The budget is around $3000 dollars. So far I have been considering the Cartier Tank Solo XL but I am worried that it won't be tough enough to wear everyday. I have always liked the Rolex Explorer but I am not sure if I could get a nice used one for that kind of money. Any recommendations would...
I dealt with him a couple years ago. Great seller!
"I'm going to add PhatGuido on the running list" Man I miss him. The guy is like an Aussie-Asian James Bond.
Hey Man, We have all been there here is just a little friendly advice: 1. Look for a group activity that you enjoy doing. It could be sports, think something like rec dodgeball if you are not super athletic, or it could be something else. I joined a team in a local pub trivia league when I first moved to my current location. Lots of fun and I have been lucky to make a couple pretty close friends. The more things you do with people the better your chances of making some...
Take a look at the new Cadillac ATS. Seems like a nice care and the prices are reasonable. If that doesn't float your boat you might want to consider the various ages of the cars you have listed. The lexus and the Infiniti are both old models and the MB isn't much newer. The BMW is the most recent I believe. The es350 really does not fit on that list at all. The rest are all sport sedans and the ES is not.   That said the best thing you can do is test drive all of them.
Looking good! I always appreciate your casual fits.  
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