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One of my consignment stores put out a small "fall preview". I sure as hell can't wait for fall. Best part is that this store is now just a 10 minute walk from my house. The HF is a Bourbour copy and nwot. All of these for under $100. Better pics later.
@Bahljs and @DanM and another other Cinci and Cleveland folks. I'm going to need you guys to start checking the CD's at your thrift stores. I personally watched a lot of people stand in line to pay $10 for this particular CD a few years back in both of your cities and now it's selling for up to $1000. I'm thinking it could be floating around there somewhere. My two friends and I all bought this CD and had it signed, but I was buying mine for my sister with the intention of...
Sports newspaper blazer at an antique store. Too much to cop, but definitely worth sharing.
I'm assuming that even without the "vintage" tag this is a thing? Very sturdy shirt.
 Also that "hand rolling" is actually just hand-half-ass-fold-over-once-and-stitching.
That's disheartening. At least I'm closer. It was the narrow part I was missing before.This is my lunch today. I know you guys like food. I know a few of you guys really like chicken and waffles.
 You can stay. 
I finally did it. It only took me 3 years. But I officially found my AE size. It's 8.5 B if anyone needs my address. Now I just start coordinating with black suede. Felt pretty good about them for $35 either way. Also, check out my new (to me) hardwood floor.       
Few recents.    Thought I finally e-thrifted the shells for me, but 8.5C's that fit like a 9D. (Trade me?)     These are 9D's that fit like a 9D. (Trade me.)               Tom James pop. I guess. Too yellow not to pick up. Seems like a wool/silk/linen blend.          Some staples.            
New Posts  All Forums: