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 No, no tagged size. I put XL in the in the item specifics (probably dumb), but in the description wrote: "No tag size, measures like an XL or XXL" and then gave the measurements.
Did I do this right? I called yesterday to try to escalate and they said I was too early, called today and they said the buyer already did. Rep I got was not very helpful. Was a shirt/jacket/shacket, so material was quite thin. 
Sup Les.
 Yeah looking at it now makes me wish I hadn't sold it because I would totally rock it now. I think I was a little poorer back then. Damn. 
 This? Long gone. Didn't do very well. The grailed crowd liked it less than I had hoped.    
Go to to read Spoo article, see picture of cufflinks I found 4 years ago on front page. Lol.
Ohio finally got a Buffalo Exchange. I've gone about 5 times so far and it's been pretty meh. Best was a pair of LVC's that ended up being too small. Today yielded these three though so I'm content.   I think we should stop talking so much about vintage Polo and post more of it instead.          A.P.C x Carhartt Down Vest       Selvedge NSW Jacket     Also, those "Vibram Combat Boots" from Linda came in the mail.     
Pretty nice #onestop yesterday. Shop owner of one of my favorite consignments sent me a facebook message that all the J. Press jackets I left last time just went half off. Plus I had a 15% off coupon so I figured I'd go grab two or three since that brings them down to about $23 and they're always basically NWOT. I bought 4 jackets which brings me to a total of 14 so far from this same guy. Ended up spending $240.74 ($12.67 PPU) because I found so much other...
Speaking of Linda, which one of you guys bid me up on those "Vibram Combat Boots"? 
 @Nataku of course schooled me on what I was looking at, so of course when I found the real thing a few weeks ago I had to text him right away, and he confirmed it was the real deal from WWII.      Same donor gave this up as well and I don't know what to think of it. Overdyed M-65. I know The Real McCoy's have done one, but so has Urban Renewal...      And one more from the same donor. Picked it up because I felt like the American Pickers guys would. Hit me up if it's your...
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