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Good to hear. I was almost surprised how quick an easy the whole ordeal was. New card arrived today too.
Wes, did PayPal give you that money back yet? Just got mine back today. I only had one transaction that needed investigating though.
How the fu...They're your size too...
 Nope. It's an animal.
$10 says you guys can't guess what these are made out of.     
 That's exactly what I bought. So pumped. 
 For sure. Learn something everyday in this thread. Dude, I just copped a pair of 22oz Dry Bones (about to sell 3 pair of ill fitting denim to pay for it) and I'm gonna PM you the deetz as soon as they get here. 
 Muthafucka.... thanks dood. Sorry for that shit show everyone. Here are a few finds to make up for it.  PRL Blazer with gold buttons made in USA.   [[SPOILER]]   PRL cotton SC with working cuffs.  [[SPOILER]]   Lubium Studio probably and orphan but double vented, and too minty feeling to leave behind.  [[SPOILER]]   Corbin madras   [[SPOILER]]  Burberry's  [[SPOILER]]   Brooks Brothers Country Club cashmere cardigan  [[SPOILER]]
But the Fenoms? Those are real? I hope? This is all very weird.
 Ah. Just found them. Anyone know anything about this site? http://www.26888go.com/product-5249.html
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