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Just started some pretty great stuff at $0.99.     J.Crew Harris Tweed Fielding Jacket 36 R   Todd Snyder X Champion Black/Black Varsity Jacket - XL    Engineered Garments Tweed Coat - XL   Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Tweed/Canvas Safari Jacket - XL  
 Couldn't tell you for sure, but I would guess recent. 
 Why do you even blur your face if you're actually the emoticon? 
 I've passed on quite a few. This was actually the first I've ever picked up. Did a completed listings search for Southwick Tweed and it seemed like a worthwhile pickup at $6. Plus I liked the styling. 
The following finds are from the thrift store with free HIV testing in my city. I think a few of you guys have these.     Two shirt pops.           Wouldn't usually pick up this orphan, but that 1% made me think it might be worth it.             
 Not a case, but a return request under the heading, "It doesn't match the listing", which I believe means defect? I'll call and let you know how it goes. 
23 vs 24 on unalterable sleeves. I've yet to do the whole disclaimer thing, though I have a page of this thread bookmarked to start doing that.
Can you fight, "you listed it measured xx inches but I measured xx inches"? 
Christmas always feels more like Christmas in Wisconsin. I don't know why. I'll be up there Saturday.
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