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This is my last post before I hit the magical 1000 post mark, so I'm going to make it count by posting mediocre finds and asking noob questions. My 1000th post will be full of Row and Hermes and thread firsts and fit pics I promise. But first things first, I've been saving these for a while, are any of these ties the good shell cordovan tiger stripe camo Hilfiger selvedge Polo P-wings?  [[SPOILER]]      Grenadine Bradleys      Probably the ugliest tie I have ever bought....
 The fuck? What store? What mall? All of this is impossible. I want to die. 
Non-clothing flip brag. Paid 10 bucks for it at the show.  [[SPOILER]]
Heads up for anyone who also sells on Grailed, they seem to have added subcategories since the last time I posted and you won't show up in those categories unless you update all your listings. I don't actually know how new this is or if any of you even use grailed, but I thought I'd post anyway.  
Currently in LA for the first time ever. Palm trees are funny looking. Not gonna get to thrift but I convinced my wife that she'd like Wasteland (thanks Chet!). She didn't believe me but she's in love with the Vivienne Westwood jacket she now owns. Was cool to see labels like Tom Ford and Cuci and Yohji in real life for the first time. Dior leather with the tags still attached. Rick Owens. Crazy stuff. I didn't buy anything but I bought these three for self wear across the...
If I happened to be in LA for a few days next week, what clothing stores do I HAVE to see? Not try to blow up any spots or anything. I'm thinking like literally one or two stores, and I'm already planning on a trip to Self Edge. Feel free to PM! 
 Yeah, but what's the percentage?   (I'm so sorry.)
 I think you're right. I was pretty sure there was a "sh" sound in it somewhere. HighVoltaire could just be the next evolution of my name. It started on the Ultimate-Guitar forums as HighVoltage when I was 13 and super into AC/DC. Then when I got out of that phase (I kept the red SG at least) I told my friends I needed a new name and one of my friends said "high voltorb" off the cuff without thinking. Voltorb is a pokemon for those unaware. So now I just have to start...
I can't wait to piss off some Ohio State fans at work by wearing this.         I haven't picked up anything women's in like a year. Probably not worth a whole lot, I had just never seen that label without a Target logo before. Weird cloth handwritten tags inside make me think it was a sample. It also looks like it's missing a button, but I can't find a hole where that button would have been sold before. Missing the belt. It's a size...
 I knew exactly what that was going to be before I clicked on it. I threw $425 at it, but I think I'm going to sit it out at this point. 
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