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In the pocket of a hole-ridden J.Press sport coat, I found a bag of cufflinks. After turning them in, one of the workers let me keep a pair. I kept the pair of 22k gold 1882 $5 coin cufflinks. Sold for about $900.      My second coolest pocket find was a bag of weed, which I also turned in. The cashier did not let me keep any of that unfortunately. 
That feeling when you think that you found your best find in months (those boots) and then you find a Caraceni peice made for the fucking CEO of Victorias Secret. Couldn't find the pants...
That's the other one fitting perfectly on my left foot. Suede. Chukka. Freaking out a little bit.
Shoulda never let weezy in on that song. Jesus his verse is horrible...    Anyone know the story behind these shirts? Didn't think I was going to pay $15 for it, but it seemed well made so I did an ebay search in the store. Turns out these things sell for like 60-80% of their retail value used. I just want to know why. Their website doesn't tell me much. 
 My aunt buys shitty ties by the hundreds organizes them into colors. She takes 5 of them and sews them into small handbags which she sells (well) at craft shows for $50-$60 a pop. 
I have a story to share. You guys are just about the only people I know who would appreciate it. I started working in a shitty contract to hire position about 3 months ago for a huge fortune 100 company. I got my bachelor's in teaching and got my license and everything, but buying and selling clothes on ebay and this here thrift thread we have going on, made me change my mind and decide that I wanted to go into business. That plus after student teaching in the ghetto I...
Any harm in stuffing a pretty puffy down jacket into a box is probably wasn't meant for? It's just going to puff right back out right? 
Guy sends offer. I accept offer. Get a message that says, "hey you said this jacket is faded, can you text me pics at xxx-xxx-xxxx." No. I posted 12 pictures showing the condition clearly. Fuck off and pay me.
Dat moon.         Pop.     Pop in a thrift store (and not consignment).     Pop anywhere.         E-thrifted because bad pictures and thought maybe it was actually deer skin. lol.       NWOT       God this thing took a horrible picture for being so awesome. The shoulders on my size 40 mannequin were not manly enough to hold this thing. Tags were ripped out, but from experience, I know it's Astor & Black. Anyone here a professional...
Gonna need a bigger mannequin...
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