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You guys got a letter. Excuse all the beer caps. It's a work in progress. They're all under glass by the way.      
DapperCanadian, that PRL jacket is real. Most of their stuff is made in thirds world countries. I had a similar style Woolrich jacket with a horrible cigarette smell a few months ago. You need a spray bottle and white vinegar. Spray the hell out of the inside of the jacket and put it in the dryer with a dryer sheet.
IRKSM better be tiiiiinnnny. 
You guys ever see something that looks awesome in one aisle and you need to go see what it is immediately but there's a guy who is going through every freaking sport coat and hes taking forever and you know that you must be the next person over there or you might miss out so you go over to the athletic clothes aisle right behind him and awkwardly glance up every seven seconds to make sure he passes over that sport coat with the magical pattern that you need to know the...
Name this pattern? Ha. RG u so cray.   
Thanks for all the well wishes guys.   I wasn't wearing a shirt wearing a shirt anyway, so I put mine on after I saw this. $5 on clearance at Hot Topic back in high school...    I actually hit about 10 stores this weekend because I didn't have anything better to do.  Found some cool stuff. Accessories:  Shirts:       Suits/Sport Coats: Zegna Trofeo Suit [[SPOILER]]  Zegna Wool/Silk Actually somewhat green in person. [[SPOILER]]  Zegna High Performance [[SPOILER]]...
The results for the FIP test came back positive Friday morning and Zombie was put down later that afternoon. The vet actually commended us on our timing as we were pretty much at the breaking point between a mostly comfortable life and suffering, which a lot of people go through with their pets with steroids and other drugs. He had a great last day spent swaddled between us on the couch. We fed him chicken and eggs which are his favorite human foods. Everything about it...
Kitten Update:   But first, STOP SENDING ME MONEY!   Seriously, I haven't added it all up yet, but it looks like all the vet bills are going to be paid for entirely by you guys. Like I've said to a few of you in PM's, if I do end up with any extra, I'm going to find a way to donate any excess to an animal related charity. All of this is absolutely incredible and my girlfriend and I couldn't be more thankful for your support. We are in debt to so many of you. Assuming...
Holy crap. My inbox is exploding right now. You guys are absolutely incredible. I am honestly speechless and my girlfriend can't believe it either. I have to go to bed now, but I promise I will get back to everyone tomorrow afternoon. And for anyone who has helped I WILL get you back when I can.
He's been to the vet my girlfriend works at, plus an emergency vet. We'll know by the middle of the week if he has FIP, but the amount of fluid in his stomach right now that shouldn't be there and something else about his red blood cells (I don't remember exactly) doesn't leave many other options. He doesn't appear to be in any pain right now. He still purrs. I'll keep everyone updated.
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