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 If all goes as planned we may figure out exactly who bought it. I'm hoping this was Seth Rogen's. 
God dammit. In the rush of all the other crazy shit yesterday, I definitely passed on this Batten Sportswear anorak in my size for <$20, and now my whole city is covered in ice.   
Went to a new consignment store this morning. Just down the street from my Japanese hoodie haul store (more on that later), but I must have missed it on google maps. Probably borderline thrift prices for you coastal state peeps.          Cotton/Linen/Silk     Cotton/Linen/Cashmere         Cashmere/Silk     Cashmere/Silk     And then I went back to my Japanese hoodie store, only to find another hoodie. I mistook this for a drug rug...
I think I just bought a thread first. 
All of these end Sunday night at 9PM EST. All started at $34.99 and most still don't have any bids.   Chipp blazer. Dual vents and surgeon cuffs - 44 L   Aquascutum Windowpane SC - 42 R     Belvest SC - 40 R   Canali Exclusive Super 150's Pinstripe Suit - 40 R   Astor & Black SC with surgeon cuffs, hacking pockets, and dual vents - 40 S   Paul Stuart SC with dual vents and a ticket pocket - 46 R   Bobby Jones (Hickey Freeman) wool/silk SC with...
Some good deals in the secret Tuck Shop sale. Somebody please buy these Red Cloud Rustings for $61 so I don't have to. Barrel, I think you need this.
 Dan, go scope it out for me. I'll go grab whatever you can't fit in your car. 
Somebody super creepy is probably going to win this, but should be a fun one to watch: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Womens-XS-Red-Latex-High-Waisted-Leggings-Worn-by-Hayley-of-Paramore/161481452603
Grabbed this after work today. So soft. Unstructured. 46 L           Girlfriend's mom found this in the attic and gave it to me to sell. Thought I'd share it here.       I don't quite have the Wes pose down, but I understand that bathroom selfies are a must when posting furs.
On the tour bus we hit the truck stop A dollar for some Chipp, a quarter for some pop We laugh and giggle some, Phife kiss the honeybuns Ali Shaheed Muhammad keeps talkin' that shop              
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