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I haven't jaw dropped in this thread in a while. That Flat Head jacket though. 
4 stores and only one buy today. Just a tie, but a pop is a pop right? Definitely the nicest ancient madder I've ever felt.         
^ I found those pants at TJ Maxx today. $60 was too rich for my blood though. 
Small thrift fit. Free professional headshots at work (I bet you can figure out where I work). BR sport coat ($5 nwot) and Proper Cloth shirt (also $5). I don't know why my face does what it does when I smile.   [[SPOILER]]
I've found a few replicas with the fight strap. Definitely include that in your listing. Sundin? 
Two stores at opening. Had to rush back home to let the maintenance man into my apartment. On my way back out. Grabbed this though. I love/hate RL so much.
Before going through with an e-thrift, do any of these look suspect? [[SPOILER]]
I've sold much much worse shell.
A day full of easy to list and store stuff. I don't mind that at all.                Astor & Black                                 Had never heard of this collab, but it's real nice and fits.        Loafer haul from earlier today. About 85% sure that these Peter Millars are all just rebranded Martin Dingmans.              These are so orange. Bottoms are bright blue.        Cable & Co. Am I correct in assuming real croc?   
I love finding collections.
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