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Dat moon.         Pop.     Pop in a thrift store (and not consignment).     Pop anywhere.         E-thrifted because bad pictures and thought maybe it was actually deer skin. lol.       NWOT       God this thing took a horrible picture for being so awesome. The shoulders on my size 40 mannequin were not manly enough to hold this thing. Tags were ripped out, but from experience, I know it's Astor & Black. Anyone here a professional...
Gonna need a bigger mannequin...
Nobody asked me but I tend to get angry when other Pokemon attack me and I self-destruct so I just get super baked and everything is better.   Nah, I'm just fucking with you guys. Voltorb has never been in my line up and I have a drug test in a few weeks. The real truth is that I liked AC/DC when I made my AIM username back in 2005 and then I stopped. 
   Sorry guys. I think I win this round.    
Revamped JNCO. Made in LA. Its a fucking pony fur shawl tux jacket. Cop at $3? Haha
 I wish. It's rough out leather.   Weird. My girlfriend doesn't own jeans, but all of her other buttons are backwards from what I remember. 
 Which side is the button on?
So here's this.               
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