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 I got the leather in the mail last Thursday and cut it all the pieces out in about an hour. Got the rest of the tools in the mail on Friday (except the wood slicker, which I just fashioned out of a broken hanger instead) and worked on it a few hours at a time over that weekend. Finished Sunday night. Probably 6 or 7 hours total? Next one I make should be quicker. A lot of that was figuring out how to saddle stitch the right way. I'd highly...
 Some veg tan from Springfield leather. 3-4 oz for the back and 2-3 oz for the inner panel and pockets. $20 shipped for all of it and I still have enough to make a cardholder or something small with what's left. 
Just gave my Tanner Goods bifold an early retirement. Probably would have lasted another 10 years. Just finished making this bifold this weekend. Something I've wanted to try doing for years. It's not perfect, but I'm really excited to see how it ages. Already got some indigo stains on it.
 Please post your shoe collection. 
Welp, just got my first defect in about 2 years. But this just happened finally, so everything is alright.   
Random recent stuff. Did you guys know Alden once made for Abercrombie?               Pop on Tricker's   Pop on Prada that I didn't think was fake.     Pop on Red Wings that didn't have a steel toe.             Unworn lizard, but tarnished buckle.            Linda gave me these two Hickeys (TWSS?)         $0.90 Brooks Bros for self wear   Three fake jerseys to sell to the Penguins fans in my life (who will know, and won't care...
 This brings me up to 19.
Just got home after 5 hours of thrifting. See this on my facebook wall. brb  
Interesting. It was worth the $0.90 I paid for it I'm sure.
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