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 Man, I've found tailored Poole, Kiton, Caraceni, Rubinacci and others, probably 20 pairs of shell, I'm in the "thrifted solid gold" club, Momo, Strike Gold, and Iron Heart on the sw&d side, but there is one brand that has been haunting me for years, and it's Filson. I have never once seen Filson in my entire life. It's the weirdest curse. I guess others would include everything on your list, anything other than silk Hermes, Lobbs, a full Row suit, and vicuna. 
2 hours and 14 minutes away... why can't it start on Saturday? That looks amazing.
Thought one of you crafty guys might be into this. Guy on reddit has a bunch of Filson fabric and it sounds like he doesn't want a whole lot for it. 
Does anyone else look through this thread and automatically think "yes" (would buy) and "no" (pass) to every picture? For people like Spoo and Cap I play the same game but the question changes to "could I sell that?" 
Strange haul. Something for everyone in this one.       Consignment store had about 15 beautiful Tom James and Holland & Sherry ties, and unfortunately, this ugly ass tie seemed like the only one that would make any money. (I hate OSU.)     Speaking of Tom James and Holland & Sherry. Found 10-15 beautiful sport coats all made by Tom James for a lawyer at a thrift later that day. But since I hate selling them I just grabbed three and ripped the buttons off. Anyone go...
 I'm going to find that god damn Scotty Cameron mixed in the the golf clubs from the 80's one of these days. 
 I knew it had been discussed before, I wasn't sure how to search for it though. Glad I left them. 
Do these look like incotex to anyone else? Split waistband, made in Romania.
Four stops and four pairs of shoes today.    My size, but I don't know if they're me.     Identical pairs of shoes with identical wear but a half size and two widths apart. Leather on these is bizarre. I've never worked with anything that gobbled up reno quite like these. maybe they were just super dry.        Bought these for my fiancee and they fit her perfect but she thinks they're for hippies. She's wrong. Anyone here with size 7 women in your life?  
New Posts  All Forums: