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 Welp he just won and paid. He's got 100% feedback on ~700 transactions. I'm not too worried. I almost feel bad for him though. Sounds like English isn't his first language and he's just looking for how to start dressing better or something. He did just buy a black suit coat orphan from me though so... 
New favorite message:  How should I respond?
Traded some J.Crew and Zara stuff to the local resale shop yesterday. Came back with these two plus $0.57.    Life/After/Denim shirt for me.   Shmexy Shlubby Chambray   And these minty monks.    I owe like 6 people PM's. They're coming I promise. 
 Speaking of, I got a new job today. No one would hire me as a classroom teacher, but some learning center thought I was at least good enough to be an ACT/SAT tutor. They actually made me take the ACT which felt pretty lame since I just got out of college a few months ago. Oh well. It's more money than cutting grass at the golf course.  It's probably my favorite of all the ties I've ever found. I've never actually hunted, but I love hunting themed ties because my great...
Alright. Gonna start with regular thrift haul first. Craigslist stuff is at the end. Ties, all available except the J. Press.         Shoes. One of the pairs of lace ups will hopefully fit my brother. All between 10-10.5. At least two pairs are available. Boots are 12D and available.          Shirts One of the nicer Steven Alan shirts I've seen. USA made, MOPs, cotton/wool blend.        Sport Coats PRL US made. 39S [[SPOILER]]  Badass Jack Spade. Cotton/Linen. Completely...
 Yes sir. She never mentioned that the tuxedos were Zegna. 
 Could be. It was a two month old listing. Missed out on the 10 pairs of Allen Edmonds, but a lot of them looked like ugly styles. Ended up with two sport coats and two tuxedos for $25 each. Currently photographing. 
I cannot believe how successful that was. Like 100% cashmere brown windowpane double vented ticket pocket Brioni for thrift prices successful. On craigslist. In Ohio.
You guys ever check craigslist to find clothes? I checked last night on a whim and found someone who lives a few minutes away from me who inherited some of her bosses old clothing. If all goes as planned I should be popping some pretty hearty cherries here in the next hour. Stay tuned... 
 I'm actually surprised he had those made in the US. 
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