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Guy buys some shoes from me last night. This morning he asks if he can cancel the transaction. PayPal's me $20 to "bless me" for being understanding. Now he's trying to give me a job. 
              Velvet smoking jacket     Coolest silk lining ever. Does anyone recognize this music?            I never pick this up, but the pattern spoke to me.                   
Those CP's I found last night. Do people fake these? Stamp looks funny. Everything else seems high quality though.        Small pop.      And here's that Ballin pants haul from the other day. All made in Canada.    Two pairs of these. Lightweight cotton/wool blend     Seersucker     Also seersucker             And the Piattelli's I need to get hemmed.   
 Yeah, I just found the part about the Sanderson model. I think the Ask Andy thread I was reading is a bit outdated. I can't find any evidence of them being made in actual Alden factories. Only Alden Cape Cod. 
   I thought these were all either Rancourt or Ansewn.
My size.
I bought a car today. It's no Ferrari, but it's like the most reliable car ever, and I'm just happy to have wheels again.       Finally started taking some pictures of recent stuff.           Daniel de Fasson. Nicest Chinese made tie I've ever handled.             These are pretty rough, but I couldn't leave shell.                I should probably post these on Reddit... 
Unless it's got Ben Silver buttons.
While we're on the subject, do you know who this might be? Same red LB tag, but no inner pockets so this is all I have.
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