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 Looks like Style # 25032, but it's faded so I could be wrong. 
NWT Martin Greenfield for Oscar de la Renta navy patch pocket sport coat. Looks like an impossible sell for what I'd like for it based on how high quality it is.
Any US 52R's in here?
Patagonia USA pop. What would you call this @Fueco, a fleece chore coat? I really like the buttons.        
Got myself all psyched up to take pictures. After two, I knocked over my backlight and it shattered everywhere. So all you get are these two coats.                     
For Thriftmas: [[SPOILER]]
Man, this type of detail tho. Damn. Hand sewn buttonholes in a camel hair belt. Same thing on the throat latch belt. And the massive epaulets. Deetz this weekend. Thought this was neat too. I forget what it was on.
Looking for some small/medium outerwear and dress shoes around an 8.5 C. If not, stuff that will move quicker than what I'm posting. Have some stuff to trade.  Astor & Black 41 R [[SPOILER]]  Astor & Black 48 R [[SPOILER]]  Loro Piana Mainline 44 R [[SPOILER]]  J. Hilburn 44 R. I think it's nwot. It's also one button, which is neat.  [[SPOILER]]  GBV XL [[SPOILER]]   Neil Barrett S  [[SPOILER]]  Hickey Freeman L NWOT  [[SPOILER]]   Old and heavy as hell Crombie cloth coat....
Oops. I picked a bad time to ask if I should cop something. I have tailored Rubinacci in my cart if that makes me look any better.
Or this. I have no experience with leather jackets. $50...
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