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 The A&B for Bentley I picked up a few months ago moved faster than any of my other A&B pieces have. If nothing else, someone here will make it worth your time. 
Some recent random stuff. First of all, no Japanese denim left behind, right? Even if it's acid wash?            If you didn't read it in the eBay thread. I posted these shells a month ago. Sold them. Got good feedback. Guy had them cleaned up and reheeled. Didn't like the fit, and then sent them back to me for the cost of shipping. Best eBayer ever.            Maybe someday I'll have to wear ties. This shit is so nice.       Same guy as my Trafalgar haul...
 You posted the wrong link, but I currently have some  extra narrow shells on ebay that are getting no love, so that might be it. 
Same question, because I don't want to ask again in the thrift thread, but more like genuine or embossed.     
More e-thrifts.       I'm guessing these are embossed, but someone who knows more can weigh in. Pretty cool nonetheless. Never heard of Church's "Cardinals" line. Obviously searching church's and cardinals yields unwanted results in Google.              
Wtf really? So many of those here since he lives down the street from me and all.
Paraphrase of an email I just got:   Hey highvoltorb,   I bought a pair of shell longwings from you about a month ago. I took them to a cobbler who cleaned them up and put on new heels. However, after wearing them a few more times, I decided that they just don't fit right. Instead of making something up about them and fucking you over on eBay by asking for a return and giving you a defect, I was wondering if you wanted to have them back for the cost of shipping. It was...
The eBay crowd does not like these baller Astor & Black 7-folds, but if you do, hit me up and we can trade stuff.         
Some more e-thrifts:   Alden shells that went under the radar.     3Sixteen black canvas jacket with denim accents.        China? Not that anyone would fake 3Sixteen, but weird.    This one is my favorite though. Grailed moderator put this in Grailed Basic because Etro = Gap            Maker?
I brought all my packages downstairs and left them by the door to take to my car. First I went to take out the trash. As I get to the dumpster I remember that my cat thinks that padded flat rate envelopes are toys for him to destroy. Whatever it's been literally 20 seconds. Start walking briskly back to my door anyway. Randomly remember that my buyer lives in Russia. Walk a little quicker. Open door. Worst fears confirmed.      Thankfully he only got through the full...
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