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I have way too many ties. Any 3 for $30 shipped priority to the US. Just message me about measurements and condition although most are in great shape and standard measurements. Shirts coming soon.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the help Silverwarebandit/Barrel. Barrel, I don't think they are cropped, but I'm like 5'7" and they actually fit perfectly, but I'm not really about that hype either. Spoo, I'm not sure how they relate to Clot, if at all. I really didn't know that this existed until yesterday. Anyway, here are 13 pictures of them.   [[SPOILER]]  Plus some other decent SW&D stuff. Sorry my pictures suck today. My set up kind of relies on sunlight and it is storming.   Unbranded,...
Jesus that's a lot of money. All the details look the same except mine aren't selvedge. Hope they're not fake.
Here are some tags.
Barrel, talk to me.
 That's what I'm using, but you can use it as credit too, which is what just happened in Texas, where I am not currently located. 
 Well shit. I just had a $50 charge in Texas. I don't live in Texas...
You guys got a letter. Excuse all the beer caps. It's a work in progress. They're all under glass by the way.      
DapperCanadian, that PRL jacket is real. Most of their stuff is made in thirds world countries. I had a similar style Woolrich jacket with a horrible cigarette smell a few months ago. You need a spray bottle and white vinegar. Spray the hell out of the inside of the jacket and put it in the dryer with a dryer sheet.
IRKSM better be tiiiiinnnny. 
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