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 Come back. 
Pretty much the only thing cool enough to post in the past two weeks. Madras FU pants. Are these Corn? I only ask because they don't have the usual separate "made in Italy" tag.        
 You should keep reading. We called you out on some of those too. You should probably quit while you're behind. No one was even being mean to you, you're the one who had to be a bag of dicks when you get called out for your bullshit. RHZ is one of the nicest guys around here, and he didn't deserve any of that. If you stop now, maybe we won't have another Jomsplosion. I'm already making it worse though  
 Sup bro, gave them their second real wash this week. Got pretty liberal and went all machine. The leg opening shrunk way more than expected and now I can stack instead of cuff and I think they fit way better  Need to get me a summer pair I think. These get way too hot. Might check out Gustin's new "quick fade" Cone denim they just released since it's only 12.5 oz. 
 Definitely. This is the YSL Tom Ford he posted: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-950-YSL-YVES-SAINT-LAURENT-Beige-oxford-cloth-blazer-jacket-IT-52-US-42-/121582695241?rmvSB=true&nma=true&si=g6EUrQ4RBaY1W7gcUfW4ywfYI0A%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 And I don't mean to start any shit Jompso, I'm not like that, and you're currently one of my best customers . But the whole "One stop" thing is pretty silly. Unless I misunderstood the meaning behind your post. 
 You didn't thrift this. I found it wrinkled and covered in dirt in Ohio for $1.99. Glad it works for you though 
Will I run into any problems if I attempt to drop off some packages with paid postage 50 miles away from the "ship from" zip code on my ebay labels? 
 Ebay's just like a giant store where all of the items are in the same warehouse right? 
No... I can't combine shipping with another auction that isn't mine... sorry... 
Special? Real?
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