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That's disheartening. At least I'm closer. It was the narrow part I was missing before.This is my lunch today. I know you guys like food. I know a few of you guys really like chicken and waffles.
 You can stay. 
I finally did it. It only took me 3 years. But I officially found my AE size. It's 8.5 B if anyone needs my address. Now I just start coordinating with black suede. Felt pretty good about them for $35 either way. Also, check out my new (to me) hardwood floor.       
Few recents.    Thought I finally e-thrifted the shells for me, but 8.5C's that fit like a 9D. (Trade me?)     These are 9D's that fit like a 9D. (Trade me.)               Tom James pop. I guess. Too yellow not to pick up. Seems like a wool/silk/linen blend.          Some staples.            
Bros, they just restocked a bunch of shit on the J.Crew summer sale. I just grabbed two pairs of neppy chambray pants, a pair of cords, and a pair of japanese (washed, and crinkled?) selvedge jeans for ~$70 shipped. A lot of sizes still available. Seriously for $15 a pop these look pretty great.
Man I've been looking for the perfect gray sneaks for about a year now. Never wanted to pay more than $10 though (I'm that cheap). Copped these yesterday for $5. Also, some food porn. This is now in my belly. Pastrami and slaw rueben.
Are these old? Someone please tell me these are super old. Totally NOS. The nails are actually green with rust.           
 I didn't expect this to work, but I ebay searched "2199 shoes" and found these in the "related items" section. So, Loake. 
As if I didn't have enough dog ties already. I've never even owned a dog...
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