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What am I looking at here? Patterns seemed nice, mops, nice darts, but made in China. I read a thread about a guy who thought yoox sent him fake Balmain because they were made in China, but that doesn't make any sense.
Re Mo Vaughn : was like a 5 button sport coat. The buttons were tuxedo? buttons with the same pattern. Super huge and super ugly. May end up grabbing it later on though. It's been there for a while.
Didn't cop. Think it's that Mo Vaughn? Did people like him?
Moving this weekend. Got rid of a years worth of mistakes. I feel so free.      Only noteworthy thrift for me recently is this pair of dried out red wings for $5.      They were thirsty, so I gave them some mink oil. 
 Being poor, I like living here.  Edit: Thought that was going to link to number 2 on that list...
Inherited this from an uncle I never really knew. I have the box and some manuals, although I'm pretty sure one of them is for a different Citizen watch. It's not really my style, but I think with the right band I could make it work. Throwing it out here to see I could trade for something that would be better for me. I'd prefer something white or cream faced, a lot simpler, and possibly vintage. Something that would look best with a brown leather band. Hit me up if you...
I sold some stuff yesterday, and everyone paid, but I started a new job today and my hours are the same as USPS. Do you guys ever have problems with pick ups? Has anyone ever tried it at a large apartment complex? What do you do when there's a good chance of rain?
I can play the sign game. I have no idea how old this is. My great grandpa started the farm when he came home from WWII.   
This is about a month's worth of finds, so sorry for the huge post.    I finally popped Linda's cherry. I mean, Linda popped my cherry. Wait, that's not right either. I bought one of her tie lots, is what I'm trying to say.              E-thrifted the following three from a different tie lot at half of Linda's price.               And I thrifted the rest of them.                   Only posting these because I was shopping for new running shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: