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People who buy shell and literally never do anything for them. 
 I really like that patch, but it's not very valuable unfortunately. 
 Sorry to hear about that man. I threw a few bucks his way. This thread raised about $800 for my kitten's vet bills about two years ago so don't worry about it.   100% Cash Hermes sport coat is something I would never ever spoil. 
Would love to trade this to one of you all as it has absolutely zero brand recognition but is freaking awesome. It's very much Engineered Garments styled to me and the fact that it was made in NY, it wouldn't surprise me if it was just rebranded/same factory. Super thick twill fabric. Tagged XL. Chest: 23.5Shoulders: 19.5Sleeves: 26.5Length: 31  [[SPOILER]]  Would trade for medium outerwear in similar brands or just something I can make a quick buck for on ebay. 
 Damn, I think that original post was from years ago. Also my own bachelor party is this coming Saturday so that this post was very strange for me  Also, here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brooks-Brothers-Makers-Necktie-Foxes-Riding-Bikes-Silk-Made-in-USA-58-x-3-5-in-/182162671593
I was way more stoked for this 90's Starter goodness than that Huntsman orphan anyway.         
Second damaged Row (sort of, Cantarelli) orphan in a week. Why thrift Gods?
 Per the first post, this is in the works 
                                  I'm up to 5 free J.Press hangers, 4 free J.Press bags, and a free Brooks Brothers bag from this same consignment store.      
 Other than "it's currently in style" though, why should anyone pick pleats instead of flat front in that outfit? I do not visit any other parts of this forum and I wear the same pair of jeans 6 days a week. I'm just curious. 
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