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 What's Gucci, my nigga?What's Louis, my killa?What's drugs, my deala?What's that jacket, Margiela?  No one? Whatever.  Vote picture.  Fitting as I just thrifted this, new in packaging about an hour ago. Solid wood. Plus it's the beer that made me like good beer.  Sup @Bahljs 
 We, a community of men (and a few women) who like to go thrift shopping, are trying our very best to help our friend Wes in his time of need. You see, he's got this disgusting looking grill, and he needs a new one. So we're helping him win one. 
 Try here.
E-thrift. Thread first fabric?               You know, like the stuff they make rugs out of.      
 Yes. Do you want to fit in and be popular or not? 
 Lock stitch is actually stronger, so no, it doesn't matter. 
New Posts  All Forums: