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 That sweater is dope. I want one. 
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=142b571c5ec0ea55b16dd0dc4&id=137e8bb960&e=63a666cd19 Secret Tuckshop sale. $120 for 21oz Iron Hearts in my size are super tempting even though I don't need black jeans at all. Triple Works is basically Iron Heart if you didn't know so $80 for those beatle busters is super good.
 That ain't even half true. Pretty much spot on with Ohio prices from my experience. Plus, AE's at EVERY store. 
 I actually didn't thrift these. I bought them on eBay thinking they were shell planning on flipping. Not shell, and also factory rejects. Seller forgot to mention that so no feedback for that fucker. 
Thrift. Church's Custom Grade Help reading this writing?  [[SPOILER]]   Ferragamo AE Leeds Fred Perry fresh from the dry cleaners   [[SPOILER]]  Really neat half length sleeve shirt from Scotch & Soda. Love the pocket on this. Gonna wear it a lot this spring.   [[SPOILER]]  Minty Slim Fit Pink FC   [[SPOILER]]   Unworn PRL  Thrifted a North Face Vest. Traded it to Barrel for a pair of West is Dead Chinos. Traded them for these. These will fit great after a hem. [[SPOILER]]
 Huh. Learned something new I guess. When I looked it up I read something about it only being produced in select few factories in the world and figured it must be special. 
 Is it? Is it usually just not mentioned in the in the content label? I swear I've never seen it. 
Here's that Sulka I found. It's pretty fucking cool. Lined with bemberg, a fabric that at this point in the thread has been mentioned 15 times, including quotes. I had never even heard of it before. Anyway, here are some bad pictures. It's a dark navy.   [[SPOILER]]
This happened to me over the last year too. Same sizes and everything.
Thanks! Columbus. On my way through to get back to school. That's probably the last time I'll take that trip now that I think about it. Gotta do that graduation thing here pretty soon.
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