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 Other than "it's currently in style" though, why should anyone pick pleats instead of flat front in that outfit? I do not visit any other parts of this forum and I wear the same pair of jeans 6 days a week. I'm just curious. 
Alright so not quite a three piece Savile Row Tweed, but two out of three ain't bad right? Plus it was $3.99 for the two together. I've got two other stores that I think the pants could possibly show up at, but I'm not going to hold my breath.                         
I was going to post the vintage three piece Savile Row tweed I found yesterday but with all this yelling going on, I don't know....
Brooks Brothers Madison sport coat and Gucci Loafers from lewisnj8766.
 Or it was badly narrowed... 
@Fueco I love your new avatar. Guys this is my new favorite collab of all time. Frenchy is going to be the first person to thrift it in 2034 I'm going to be pissed when it happens. http://voxamps.com/Pathfinder10DN
My first thrift item was definitely American Eagle. I have no idea what it was, but I was a fucking stoked high school kid. 
So I actually knew Brian more on Reddit than on SF. He was very active on /r/flipping, /r/thriftstorehauls, and /r/ebay. Him and I would often back the other one up when someone said asked about selling clothes, or had questions about it. In similar style to Chet's post, I found some comments of his I enjoyed. One of his first posts: "Heya. I've been doing the eBay thing for a little while now. I do menswear and I'm always looking to improve. Is there any recommendations...
Makeshift studio putting a nail on a white wall. Some of these turned out better than my mannequin pictures probably would have. This was a #onestop at rag-o-rama. Forgot to take a picture of a W&H waffle knit henley but oh well.                               This isn't just a thread first, it appears to be a Styleforum first. It is absolutely baller.         It's a bird, reading a...
Don't think so.
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