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Here's that safari jacket.      Candy pockets come in handy while on the hunt.   17 pockets overall on this thing.   Safari is over, better get back to work. Good thing I can just flip my jacket inside out.    Made in the good ol' USA. 
 Fit pic?
 Alright. Let me finish this episode of American Horror Story real quick.  Edit: Nevermind. No one else is allowed to post today. I'm getting a new lighting set up tomorrow anyway. 
These pockets on this hunting/safari coat I found yesterday, what are they for? Ammo? A way to organize different coins/types of candy? It's on both sides.   
  Synergy. Found this last night. You got me beat by 10 though. Unvented, 3 button, and 50 R. A store later I found another Canali that's a 60 XL. Doesn't really fit in my wardrobe. 
Thing? Diffusion?
I'm sure this has been talked about somewhere, but I couldn't find it. What do we call this without being keyword spamming douchebags? That background is blue. It's one of the precursors to RLPL or whatever.  
So last week I went to that new consignment store and I found this guy:         I didn't really get time to look around much, so I stopped back in today. Looks like I found his brother:         And then I found his cousins.         Found this other guy hiding in the corner and decided to take him home as well.  
Depressing pass. I'm curious though. Is that CB for G&H?
No one ever confirmed for me if this Ricci suit was real or not (made in Romania, but has some handwork) so if anyone wants it for cost + priority shipping let me know. That's $30 Spoken For to anywhere in the US. I guess I never took pictures of the pants, but there are certainly pants. It's single button and unvented.    [[SPOILER]]  Tagged 52. Chest: 23.5Shoulders: 19.5Sleeves: 25Length: 30.5 Waist: 18Rise: 13Inseam: 28+2Hem: 9.5
New Posts  All Forums: