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Flipping the last few thousand golden buttons finally paid off today. Found on a beat to shit Orvis blazer, just to keep everyone paranoid. These are called "Scales of Justice". I imagine they belonged to a lawyer.     
3 Piece Pop       Caruuuuuuso               Orphan     Another orphan     Orphan number 3   This label is like, current, right? It's brown.                         For myself. Super soft corduroy with MOPs.   Personal grail. These jerseys have only existed for a few years. GMMcL, that would mean that I have a CBJ jersey, with laces, that you could have if you were still looking for...
If any 42R's in here want to dress up as the Joker for Halloween, I've got you covered on the sport coat... in Canali. Available for cheap, but you have to go all out with the make up and post pictures. 
 Quote button is below the post, not above it 
 Don't believe so. I've only been here a few months though. That might be a fun game to play though: who is the most interesting person's clothes you've thrifted? Will Smith's Tom Ford suit obviously wins, but I'd be interested in hearing everyone else. Especially since none of us should really post any finds for the next few days with what's been happening over the past few hours. As far as I know my most interesting was from that Craigslist haul. That Brioni used to...
Some unfortunate passes in the back corner of the basement of an antique store. Lighting was really bad and so are the pictures I took. Pure silk triple patch pocket Oxxford. Pink AF. Stained and $45, so I couldn't do it. This was tagged "50's/60's Pinstripe Suit $89.99" Velvet Blazer made by Sak's in France. Wish this picture wasn't blurry, because the pattern was pretty neat. Couldn't do it at $65. I was okay with bringing these home at $38.  [[SPOILER]]
 Welp he just won and paid. He's got 100% feedback on ~700 transactions. I'm not too worried. I almost feel bad for him though. Sounds like English isn't his first language and he's just looking for how to start dressing better or something. He did just buy a black suit coat orphan from me though so... 
New favorite message:  How should I respond?
Traded some J.Crew and Zara stuff to the local resale shop yesterday. Came back with these two plus $0.57.    Life/After/Denim shirt for me.   Shmexy Shlubby Chambray   And these minty monks.    I owe like 6 people PM's. They're coming I promise. 
 Speaking of, I got a new job today. No one would hire me as a classroom teacher, but some learning center thought I was at least good enough to be an ACT/SAT tutor. They actually made me take the ACT which felt pretty lame since I just got out of college a few months ago. Oh well. It's more money than cutting grass at the golf course.  It's probably my favorite of all the ties I've ever found. I've never actually hunted, but I love hunting themed ties because my great...
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