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 Wait was 45 minutes. Too hungover. Went next door to Tim Hortons. Came home and fell asleep for 2 hours. 2/10 experience. 
 Pretty hungover right now. About to try this for the first time. Will post results. 
 I went to 2 stores looking for White Stripes, Father John Misty, Ryan Adams, and Twenty One Pilots. I came out with none of them. Later in the day I was checking out how horrible the ebay prices were on all of them and I realized that a Twenty One Pilots CD that several of my friends have (that I didn't buy, because I knew my sister bought it, and I was just going to rip the songs) goes between $400-$800 on ebay. My super fan sister said no, one of my friends is...
 Finding a bunch of guitar pedals and effects like this is one of my thrifting daydreams. 
Found this during a 5 minute stop after work today. Nudie raw denim western shirt without any of the gaudy Nudie styling anywhere. Medium with a 19" P2P    Feel free to hit me up for trades.          
 I read just about every word. Been pretty dry around here lately, so here's a meh post.         I mean, fuck the Penguins, but I had this same exact jersey, size and all, of Lemieux when I was a kid. Will go into my brother's jersey collection. Again, if anyone ever finds hockey goalie jerseys, hit me up.                         Cotton/Linen/Silk mix.   Takes a lot for me to grab a Harris Tweed these days. This made the cut.    All cotton here.  
Anyone remember Martin+Osa? This is one of the cooler things I've found recently. My size (small) but too long for me. Since they've got just about zero resale value I'd love to trade it to someone here.    Anyway, it's a dark brown waxed cotton coat with a removable tweed liner.           I guess you could wear this as like a weird tweed kimono or something.    
Any of you guys win this? I certainly tried. They're shell if you couldn't tell. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=181703645907
I recently sold a pair of pants to someone who drove their car into old lady's house and went to jail for a few years.   Also that Etro paisley sport coat from a few months ago went to a dude who has done pretty well on the world poker tour, so I'm hoping I see it on TV one of these days. 
 You have my favorite avatar here.
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