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So, basically, no one can fix it?
Also, I have no intention to wear this jacket formally. Probably wear them to the club, Vegas, or maybe some appropriate shopping mall.
Hello again,   I had this jacket altered and this is the solution. I will explain the situation here. The tailor tapered the jacket in, shorten the jacket's sleeves (the sleeves laid around my wrist), and tapered the jacket's sleeves.   The problem with this jacket is:   The sleeves will not lay down without any wrinkles on it even when I am not moving my arms. So, basically, the sleeves always have wrinkles on them. Is this normal?   The sleeves have so...
[IMG]ttp://[/IMG] Dior Homme Brooks Brother Black Burberry Shirt Any comments please?
good point, but no. haha. I purchased this on-line since I've had a Dior before in 46EU and the one I had fit good on me. Perfect length, perfect shoulder, perfect waist, and so on. However, I made a mistake on this one. Lesson learned.
I'm sorry for the grammar. Well, I tried to improve my grammar, but sometimes I am careless on the internet.
I went to the Dior Boutique, and the S.A. there told that this jacket was meant to be a little longer than usual. He told that it was a style that Assche created back in 2008. I don't know if the S.A. was just b*lls**t about the information or if it's really is. Should I alter them? What should I do?   Ich_Dien : The jacket might seems to be a size too big, but it fits tight at the shoulder. Even if they have size 34R, I believe the shoulder might be too small for me.
I am skinny, about 120-125 lbs. I am about 5'9-5'10, with dress shoes could be 5'11. Normally, 34R will fit me the best. I've tried 36S at Hugo Boss, and it fits me perfect, too. However, I had this jacket in 36R. The jacket is '08 Dior Homme from Kris Van Assche. The sleeves was marked & fold by the guy at tailor shop, and I think it is in a good length. The problem with this jacket is the length of it. The length, in my sight, seems to be too long. I don't know if I'm...
After searching, I found out he was working as a Fashion Assistant for L'Uomo Vogue, who were behind the scene for Kanye West's italia photo shoot. It appears that the model on the picture in the listing is actually him.   And here is the replied from him.   "Hello, Attached is the photo of the Dior pant label, size label, and composition tag. The jacket labels are accurately depicted in the auction photographs. As described, this suit is from the DIOR HOMME...
what do you mean by contemporary for 2005?
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