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Hello,   I've been looking on eBay for new suit and found this Calvin Klein Collection (CKC). So, I searched around the forum and found that CKC is the top line of Calvin Klein. However, I still can't picture the good quality CK suit in my head. Is there anyone who experienced the quality of CKC?   Here is the...   I was bidding on this, but unfortunately, lost. I really want to find the cashmere suit with glen plaid like this... is there any recommendation?   Thanks.
.   I am very much interested in this suit by Zegna here. The seller told that the tag said made in Switzerland. I am wondering if this suit is vintage? (80s, 90s?)   I am also looking at one of this Burberry London,   Both have the Houndstooth patterns. Burberry is one bill...
Good Morning,   I am looking for a Tom Ford suit, and I found this one to be interesting. However, I have a second thought that the pattern might be inappropriate for law firm. Any thought?                  
  Finally got a hand into size 44EU... please give me an advice on alteration. Thank you.   IMO: Sleeves need to be shorten.
  Trying on the pants before hemming. Anything else I should fix?
He can. He said there are still material to let out of the centre back, and taper in the front of the jacket instead, but he said he won't do it because I took it to the other alteration, and he doesn't want to re-alter the jacket from some other tailor.
Sometimes I think you guys were just annoyed... I'm sorry.   Well, I can't burn it.... let me ask you, will you burn your $1000 worth of garment?   Thank you for all opinions.   I took the jacket to the well-known tailor in Los Angeles area, Diego, he just told that the jacket is a little big on me, and the pocket is pull to the side by little. That's all he suggested. He said I should eat more and get bigger, and the jacket will fit me right.   I also...
No others could possibly help?
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