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Let me explain the situation before you judge...   About a week ago, I lost my mbp along with the bag. My key-holder/wallet with my PO Box key (with box # on it) was in it. I didn't  On my mbp desktop, I used stickies application to write down all my bank account number, debit/credit card number, my username/password for a web forum, and my gf's confidential info (SSN, Bank User/PW).   This transaction with Eddie was not the only transaction. There was a...
Like the blue jacket
They are coming here in the States next month. Maybe I could bring these to them.
"I'm afraid that repairs do have to be paid for. Since all our work is by hand it can be quite expensive. Upper repairs can cost up to £100 and resoling is sually around £700. The shoes, judging from your pictures, look as though they are worth resoling. There is only a limited amount one can do to the uppers like renewing broken stitching and beading.It is not possible to say that they will look like new shoes again I'm afraid."    -John Hunter Lobb   I got a...
I think that if they accept to refurbish these, they will probably replaced the whole upper with new leather. Maybe replacing the whole shoes...
I will try to persuade them for free of charged by explaining this and that. () Maybe they're generous enough to fix them for me ()
I realized. I've called the store near me, but they told that these shoes were made by John Lobb on St. James Street in London. They (Hermes owned) cannot repair it for me. Do you know how much I am looking at? $500?
Anyone experienced in this kind of repair?
Hello, I've came across this beautiful John Lobb St. James oxford (bespoke?) , however, the condition is not so good. I want to know if it is possible to repair all the damages? Thanks!                Is this sport coat of a good quality? fabric wise?   What about the price?   Thank you.
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