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  Does the semiannual happen in June?
Is this sale better than their semi-annual sales?
  What do you think as a second shoe? I have the allen edmonds park avenue but that is for more a more formal/internship environment 
"depends on what school you go to and if you're going to be wearing these every day or just for special events"     I am an upcoming sophomore at NYU. I would probably wear it to special events/maybe class sometimes.
Question: Is the Allen Edmonds Strand a little too stuffy/old for a college sophomore?
Question everybody: Is the Strand in walnut a little too old/stuffy for a college sophomore?
Thinking about buying the strand in walnut. Is it too stuffy for a college student?
Yeah, I want something more conservative. Not a fan of tassels 
College student here about to intern at an investment bank. The office dress code is casual - dress shirt and pants. I was wondering what are good loafers to get between 200-350. I was looking at Allen Edmonds
I don't get the hype. It's just a t-shirt that costs $15. What's the significance of "designer"?
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