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Has anyone seen a major different between lock stitching and chain stitching for their raw denim? It would cost $25 more for chain stitching is it worth it?
Are there clear advantages of getting it chain stitched? I heard it's not that noticeable 
Should I get my raw Naked & Famous altered at Nordstrom for free (take in the inseam) or getting it chain stitched for $25? Will there be a difference if I don't fold up my denim to show the selvedge?
Should I just get my raw denim altered in the inseam by Nordstrom for free or get it chain stitched by a Union Special for $25?
How's the quality on BoO's ties?
I'm in New York City and I was wondering where's the best place to get a nice staple suit at around ~800-1000. I was looking at Mr. Ned, Brooks Brothers and Suitsupply...any recommendations? Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help
Should I get the Regent or the Milano fit suit for interviews? I understand that the milano is the slimmest fitting suit they have, but is it TOO slim for interviews and professional events?
Hey Gopherblue, how's the mtm BB suits work through Martin Greenfield?
Hey Kent,   5'8-5'9" ~150lbs. 36 chest, what size polo do you recommend?
http://imgur.com/a/hMf8u I think the sleeves need to be slimmed down, and possibly the waist? What do you guys think? Thanks
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