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Does the Rhum colored belt match the AE Strand?
What color/kind of socks matches best with khaki chinos?
Has anyone seen a major different between lock stitching and chain stitching for their raw denim? It would cost $25 more for chain stitching is it worth it?
Are there clear advantages of getting it chain stitched? I heard it's not that noticeable 
Should I get my raw Naked & Famous altered at Nordstrom for free (take in the inseam) or getting it chain stitched for $25? Will there be a difference if I don't fold up my denim to show the selvedge?
Should I just get my raw denim altered in the inseam by Nordstrom for free or get it chain stitched by a Union Special for $25?
How's the quality on BoO's ties?
I'm in New York City and I was wondering where's the best place to get a nice staple suit at around ~800-1000. I was looking at Mr. Ned, Brooks Brothers and Suitsupply...any recommendations? Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help
Should I get the Regent or the Milano fit suit for interviews? I understand that the milano is the slimmest fitting suit they have, but is it TOO slim for interviews and professional events?
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