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So is ToJ done forever?
Any possibility of a New York University tie?
Yeah I saw a metal roller on one of the pictures and not on the other...is it a choice to have it or not?   And I'm not sure what the leather roller is, is there a picture I can see?
5'8-5'9" ~150lbs. 36 chest, what size polo do you recommend?
I'm gonna get Australian Nut Bakers Bridle Belt, any recommendations for buckle or whether if I should get the buckle roller? Thinking about using it for jeans and more casual pants
Probably a bad question but what is the difference between the satin and polished finish
I'm a 36R. Rather have something that is slightly larger so I can alter it than having something too small
I'm a 36 too and I got a S, we'll see how it goes
Any thoughts on the slim premium linen jacket? What's a good color?...I'm looking at navy
So what's the best color for the premium linen jacket
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