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http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/coats/navy/J302I.html?cgid=Coats   Anyone have this jacket? Not found at my local store and thinking about buying it online. Thoughts?
What would you guys recommend in terms of collars for the workplace (no tie)
I'm a 6.5 UK in Carmina and Meermin, but generally 8.5 in nike's. What size should I choose?
Which collar, on the spreadsheet, do you all recommend for shirts to be worn without a tie?
If we want to use a specific collar on the spreadsheet, can we just give them the order # on the spreadsheet?   My first shirt order, thanks for the help. 
How accurate is Luxire in measurements when you first send in a shirt/pants to them?
 Those look great, where did you buy them? don't see them on the site. 
what do their MTM shirts start at?
Can we come into a NYC location to get measured for customs? And what is pricing?
Is it cheaper to buy Meermin in Spain? I suppose you save on shipping but getting VAT back is a hassle. Anyone know the prices they have in store?
New Posts  All Forums: