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where's the best place in NYC to try on some double monks
Will there be a restock of the carmina double monks in caramel in smaller sizes?
 What are those shoes?
 these new?
New Gap x GQ collection, selling for $130 or best offer. Great hoodie. 
I'm talking about the hoodie. 
Do you think a tailor can alter the boxier fit of the gap version?
Does anyone know how the Brescia fit fits? I'm looking at their Pure Wool 100's pants and I have a napoli plain navy suit. Are they the same fit and can I use the navy pants (Brescia fit) as a substitute for my suit pants?   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/trousers/navy-pants/P1105I-BD.html?start=15&cgid=Trousers - trousers I'm looking at   http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/napoli-navy-plain/P2778I.html?start=2&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Napoli - suit...
Never worn, completely new.    $55 or best offer, price includes shipping
Pre-owned, still great condition. worn a few handful of times   $150 or best offer   Fits 8D - size down. 
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