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What would you guys recommend in terms of collars for the workplace (no tie)
I'm a 6.5 UK in Carmina and Meermin, but generally 8.5 in nike's. What size should I choose?
Which collar, on the spreadsheet, do you all recommend for shirts to be worn without a tie?
If we want to use a specific collar on the spreadsheet, can we just give them the order # on the spreadsheet?   My first shirt order, thanks for the help. 
How accurate is Luxire in measurements when you first send in a shirt/pants to them?
 Those look great, where did you buy them? don't see them on the site. 
what do their MTM shirts start at?
Can we come into a NYC location to get measured for customs? And what is pricing?
Is it cheaper to buy Meermin in Spain? I suppose you save on shipping but getting VAT back is a hassle. Anyone know the prices they have in store?
Does anyone recommend a particular shoe polish for brown vegano double monks?
New Posts  All Forums: