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Which collars have been updated?
Which other brands do you use that don't have that same collapsing collar issue?
I'm a 8.5 in nike, 7.5 in alden chukkas, and 40 in common projects, 6.5UK in carmina - any advice on Viberg, in particular for the 2030 last, but in general as well?
Yeah, I would prefer the 2030 - did see the 1035 but not a fan of the look (blobby as you said)
Anyone know where's the best place to find the following boot or the closest approximation: 1950 Service Boots Brown Waxed Flesh 2030 Last Unstructured Toe Plain Toe Cap 7 Brass Eyelets Dainite Sole Size 9 https://*****************/listings/299355-viberg-service-boot-in-waxed-flesh
Does anyone have a picture of how the SCSB will look or a close approximation?
Where's the best place to try Inverallan in NYC?
Thanks, I was looking at the same list but you're right there are very few options at each respective store. 
Where's the best place to try vibergs in NYC?
Thoughts on Suitsupply MTM?
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