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Can that be fixed by ironing and starch?
What do you mean by collapsing collar?
It doesn't have written explanations for a couple of those collars on the site yet. 
What are the differences between the President Spread II, English Spread II, and Londoner II collar styles?
Anyone have a picture of the wine shadow Carlos Santos double monks in person? 
Which collar is the one that stands up the tallest? Usually use magnets and metal collar stays to get the look, but would prefer a natural collar. 
Anyone have thoughts on Ascot Chang in NYC? Who to get measured by? Overall review?
http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/coats/navy/J302I.html?cgid=Coats   Anyone have this jacket? Not found at my local store and thinking about buying it online. Thoughts?
What would you guys recommend in terms of collars for the workplace (no tie)
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