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Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I guess I'll think on this some more. Part of my issue is that the language they used to describe the dress code doesn't exactly match up with what was actually being worn. They say business casual, but you were way off base if you didn't have at least a sportcoat and tie. There were a ton of power suits present and women were going all out, so I thought I'd have some more fun this year and try to use christmas colors. Maybe the...
I don't mind sticking out, I'm pretty confident about breaking fashion rules, I just wanted to hear some thoughts from people that know more about these things. My wife isn't as confident as me, but last year I went with a chocolate suede odd jacket, gray trousers, chocolate/gray argyle sweater and I felt I stood out in a good way (I can't afford/find a midnight blue suit that I really want for these sorts of things). Thanks for responding.
I have what I believe is a quick question. I am attending a business casual (but really semi-formal) dinner/christmas party at work and rather than do the same interview suit deal that I saw everyone do last year, I'm striking out in a different direction that I want to ensure is fashionably responsible. That being said, I plan on wearing a red/plum velvet jacket, white shirt (french cuffs), matching black pants and waistcoat/vest, and a green tie (holiday clothing is a...
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