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That's fine. Links to your B&S thread would be helpful (if allowed by the rules). Or you could just share the info with me (and no one else).
Please post what you got in size EU 48 (or fits like it) in the big sale, but are planning on returning (or selling) in this thread so that it's easy for us losers to fight for the scraps. Thanks.
I have a clerical gray in 38. Trying to decide if it's too slim or just right (I prefer looser fits). May be interested in trading for a 40 or selling outright if I decide it's too slim. Let me know if you're interested.
Let me know if they don't work out for you.
On the toothbrush talk, you guys need to step up your game and get an Ultreo now that you can buy them again.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Why not get the white hi-tops from the FW11 season? [[SPOILER]] Saw those, but not sure if i like them based on web pics, especially the polyester part. Would have to see in person, but I think I prefer the ivory suede ones. If I were to go all white, I'd want something similar to cp achilles or maybe something by MMM (gasp!). What are your thoughts on the ivory color? I think it would go well pretty much all but the...
I think I want some nice light colored sneaks, but not sure if I want plain white. Thinking about cream, beige or very light gray (or a combo of one of those colors and white). Thoughts on the shoes below? Color is "Ivory" suede, which is like a light beige/cream color, with white/off white matte leather. I like them, but not sure how versatile they are.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak [[SPOILER]] This is awesome (especially the painting in the background).
It should come out fine.
Is the Ervell jacket the tweed or the flannel one?
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