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Thank you both for these excellent replies.  If anyone else knows of a good maker, please let me know.
I have an outfit that needs a pair of top notch Western style boots.  They don't have to be cowboy boots per se, but they should be "Western" influenced.  I am thinking that perhaps a really good Italian shoemaker has done this a time or two.  I suppose they don't have to be bespoke, but I want a blend of the best continental shoemaking tradition (e.g., Lobb, Berluti, et al.) with the U.S. Western style influence (almost a contradiction in terms, but not quite).  Anyone...
I need help with the same thing.  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a bespoke tailor who does a lot of work with suede and leather jackets ?   Thanks to all.
nice Crat.  can you tell the model of those jeans ??
size 34  (length 32 if rqd)
Citan's jeans go well with what he's wearing, as do Timotune's shoes.  my 2 cents.  more conservative styles, which predominate around here, look great also...
I think the Suit Supply jackets are probably the right size, just in need of alterations (esp. the waist in the navy - i.e., around where it is buttoned).  the shoulders seem ok, no?, and i think going up a size will destroy the look.  the left (gray) one will turn out great for sure...
casual Sunday, went with my denim on denim look  
i also agree with King Louis.  There is something about a polo shirt that flatters buff guys.
  Must agree with Louis XIV.  There is something about polo shirts that flatter buff guys...
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