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yes thats my size! is there anything that can be done to remove the scratch or make it almost invisible?    
  Yes I am an 11E which is why I was excited to see these shoes so cheap. Is there anything that can be done about the scratch?
    What would you say they are worth? considering the scratch on right toe?
are these worth it...
hey maybe this deserves in the shoe p0rn thread but do you guys think this scratch on these AE shoes will be a problem/unfixable?   -sam
Achilles - I own a dark navy with pinstripes and charcoal with pinstripes.
Quote:   Dark Blue pinstripe and charcoal pinstripe.    
what do you guys think of this suit...   it seems to be exactly my size.   I've just graduated university and am looking for third suit and as you can see my budget is low...    
My solution: Buy a cheap shirt and get it tailored!   You can easily find a decent shirt for $25 whether its through a sale, ebay, etc. Just make sure the shirt is the correct neck size and a little long in the sleeves (altering seems to have taken a half inch or so out of the sleeve length). Then take it to the tailor and tell them what you want (taken in on the sides, higher armholes, slimmer sleeves, less fabric in the back, etc) and they should be able to do it...
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