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I just wanted to share my recent customer service experience with Spier and Mackay.   Yesterday I wrote in this thread asking about the turn around time on MTM shirts as I had been waiting for some time on 4 I had ordered ( I incorrectly noted it had been nine weeks since the order when in fact it had been seven).  I received a response almost immediately.  After a few private messages, I received the information I was looking for regarding my order mere hours after my...
Agreed.  The model of customer service.
Sent.  Thanks for the prompt response.  Much appreciated.
I took another look at the invoice, and it has actually been 7 weeks, my apologies (Order on October 21st).  I've sent an e-mail with the order # to request an update.  I was hoping this would be received before the holidays.
Curious about the turnaround time on custom shirts?  I ordered in store about 9 weeks ago.  Thanks
Yes, somewhere in that range, at least for the two brands I mentioned, that I have purchased.  They do have other interesting brands for less though.  Certainly worth a look if you are ever in the area.
I've been using a place on Mount Pleasant near Davisville called Eye Studio for glasses recently.  He carries Salt and Masunaga and some other Japanese brands that I tend to like the look of.  He spent a good deal of time repairing a pair of glasses my wife has that she did not purchase there and charged us nothing.  
Doesn't the lack of love tend to revolve around the fact that at retail, Church's tend to be a little more expensive than similar options?  I have a pair of post Prada Diplomats that are very nice. I got them new but at a discount.  At full retail I'd probably save a few bucks and buy Carmina.  Nothing wrong with new Church's at all though.
Curious about your thoughts on Spier and Mackay.   I've found the measurements to be very accurate from the first go. Any fabric from their middle and lower offerings is pretty awful, however, and I've had at least 1-2 buttons fall off of all 6 shirts I've purchased by the 5th wear.  I like that they are local and I can see the fabrics in person and discuss any small changes to the shirts I order.  I don't ever plan on using them again unless they are running an "any three...
My first thought, whenever I see a ridiculously high balance on a bank receipt, is that the persopn just sold some of their investment holdings.  I know I don't always make an investment purchase at the same time/day as I make a sale, and the monies sit in my chequing account for a couple days.  I bet if you took a look at a receipt from the same account a week later, much of that would balance would be off earning a handsome return somewhere.   All things aside, a...
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