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Need to kawp this and hit up a psytrance festival trippin on acid to matrix samples
sup ryannn i see u
yo da collar fucked up and it unbuttoned due to it being like summer in a no ozone layer place doe but yeah i agree
 me wearing da new peacoat shits a bit big but it kewl
When will da chesterfield make a return yo im on dat appreciation tip
Is oiled cloth like rick owenz cloths
Forreal Drew you sound like a hard ass you taking this whole "trolling" thing way to serious. Niggaz need to learn to relax and get sum ass
Peacoat shipped gonna cry myself to sleep now thanks drew
That awkward moment where i order from TOJ...
LOL getting drew all wilded up soz brah and nah i aint woodyear im just being rowdy on my wait for the peacoat to get shipped already lol
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